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Friday, October 21, 2016

Star Wars Ashi's Shame: Chapter 27

Star Wars: Ashi's Shame chapter 27. Ashi's fate rests in the hands of villains...and one artist. Trapped in a holding system designed to restrain Jedi, Ashi is on his way to meet Lord Vader. His execution is certain, Drak's vast fortunes are assured. How can he save himself and his people? Who will rescue him in his hour of need?

(Special note: Since my last posting a friend decided that this story needs to be made official by Disney. He created an online petition. I have my doubts that Disney will care, but it would be awesome. Please, go and sign it for him. CLICK HERE )

Previous Chapter: Chapter 26

Friday, October 7, 2016

Star Wars Ashi's Shame Chapter 26

Star Wars Ashi's Shame Chapter 26: Greed. Ashi is in the clutches of his enemy, having given up his own life for the sake of his people. Bound and tortured, his only future is meeting a terrible end at the hands of Lord Vader. The enemy plots and schemes what they plan on doing with all the money Ashi is worth to the Empire. Comfortable in their victory, little seems to stand in their way. The only hope for Ashi's freedom rests in the hands of the nervous artist, Grask.

Previous Chapter: Chapter 25

Friday, September 30, 2016

Star Wars Ashi's Shame Chapter 25

Star Wars: Ashi's Shame. Chapter 25. Ashi and Grask have a plan, they mean to get near Drak and surprise him. Hopefully they can avoid a major conflict and take him down quickly. But, their plans won't go exactly as they want. Drak is ready and he has longed to test his skill with a sword up against a true Jedi master. Ashi will have no choice but to fight Drak. Will Ashi defeat this enemy in time before the Empire shows up? Is that the sound of marching legions I hear?

Previous Chapter: Chapter 24

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Star Wars: Ashi's Shame Chapter 24

Star War's Ashi's Shame: Chapter 24. Ashi has survived his test, but his task isn't done yet. His world is still on the precipice of Imperial conquest. Drak's ultimatum is about to come to fruition and the Empire is almost to Jahala. How can Ashi survive this and save his world when he doesn't even have a plan yet?

Previous Chapter: Chapter 23

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Star Wars: Ashi's Shame Chapter 23

Star Wars: Ashi's Shame chapter 23. The Test of Fear has begun. Ashi has face almost all of the trials to become a Jedi Knight.  The last trial is the most dangerous, fear. He must face his deepest fears as presented by the dark side of the force. This test has claimed the lives of more than one padawan throughout history. The Sith who has chased Ashi across Jahala has led him directly to the point of the test. Now, the moment of truth has arrived.

Previous Chapter: Chapter 22


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Star Wars: Ashi's Shame Chapter 22

Star Wars: Ashi's Shame Chapter 22. Ashi and Grask have left Sorkonia on a quest for Ashi to finish his training. He has one day to learn the truth behind the strange Sith that has been following him. What will he find? Who is this Sith? What will the test of fear entail?

Previous Chapter: Chapter 21

Friday, September 9, 2016

Star Wars: Ashi's Shame Chapter 21

Star Wars Ashi's Shame Chapter 21. Ashi and his new friend Grask move on. It's time to leave Sorkonia and face the coming threats. Before Ashi leaves he faces a test that nearly breaks him. Grask also faces the family he helped torment only a day ago. Time is short, the Empire is coming, how can Ashi hope to defend his whole world against the might of the Empire, the craftiness of Drak, and the presence of a Dark Jedi?

Previous Chapter: Chapter 20