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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Star Wars Ashi's Shame prelude

Getting into the Star Wars mood this past fall, I penned my first fan fiction in the genre. I worked hard to try and keep it within canon. You will not encounter known characters, but a new story about different people in the Star Wars universe.

Note: I have not had this professionally edited. Please excuse any mistakes. If you find glaring mistakes, feel free to contact me privately on Facebook and let me know. I'm open for suggestions. 

(start music)

Ten years have passed since the Empire was founded. The Jedi Order has been reduced to a few refugees hiding in distant parts of the galaxy. The dark order of the Sith continues to hunt them down one by one.

One survivor of the infamous Jedi Massacre was a young student named Ashi. For ten years, Ashi has lived with his people on the remote planet of Jahala. The Empire hardly even notices this world which gives Ashi allowance to continue his Jedi practices away from the enemy.

The force turns dark around Ashi as a new threat approaches. Something is coming to his peaceful world and he will be the one to face it. His shame will be revealed or his whole world will perish in the dark side...

Monday, June 6, 2016

I'm very excited to be going to FanBoy Expo in Knoxville this month. I will have a booth and be selling and signing copies of my books. I have some special prizes I'll be giving away to help promote the book. This will be my first convention since I signed on with Cosby Media Productions. If you are in the area or are planning to be, please stop by and say hi. Pick up a book or bring one you've already bought, I'll be happy to sign them. You can also pick up prints of some of my artwork.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Glad to be back writing again here on my blog. Since I got published through Cosby Media Productions I have been running like mad to keep my book advertised everywhere I can. Fortunately, CMP hired a publicist to help the authors find interviews and signings. I have been on the radio and in magazines several times now. This friday (6/3) I will be featured on The Speculative Fiction Cantina Blog Talk Radio program.

I hope you can stop by and listen in.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

I'm Baaaack

No, I didn't vanish from existence, I've been busy. And lazy. Okay, more lazy than busy. It has been one full year since I last posted in this blog. In that time my book, Legacy of Dragonwand book 1 has been released from Cosby Media Productions. It is going well. I have been interviewed by magazines, radio programs, and bloggers. The reviews came pouring in, and most everyone had great things to say. The second and third installment are set to come out later this year. I hope to keep at least one new post active on this blog each week, so come back.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

DRAGONWAND 2 CANCELLED!! (but it's not over.)

Yes, you heard me right. The Dragonwand series has been cancelled, retired, pulled out of publication. But, wait, don't panic yet. There is better news. Legacy of the Dragowand has been picked up by Cosby Media Productions, in association with Tate Publishing.

Okay, the good news first. Legacy of the Dragonwand has been pulled out of publication on all channels so that the publisher can now re-edit it and re-release it starting all over. This time it will have a fully professional cover, formatting, editing,...basically the whole bag-o-chips. They talked to me about an audio version as well, but that's down the road. The book will be released in Ebook first, then in print. Finally, they believe it would do well as a three part series.

The bad news: For everyone who has picked up and read Part 1, I am sorry to say that you will have to wait longer for the continuation of the story. I know that I put in there that the sequel would be released this coming summer, but that cannot be now that we are in the throes of professionally publishing it.

This is a dream come true. Almost ten years ago I thought my dream had been realized when PublishAmerica picked me up. Had I had the sense to ask the right questions and know the right answers, I would have never signed with them. That is in my own personal history now, I can move forward with CMP. I am very excited about getting this done right this time, and I feel that CMP is very trusthworthy.

Thank you everyone for reading my books, I hope you are ready for the future, it is going to be awesome.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Random art

Happy May everyone. Just thought I'd check in with a few bits of art I have done recently. Enjoy.

Drew that dragon and added my name to create a name plate for my book signing events.

A doodle I created while playing Kismet with the family. 

Just sketching for the heck of it. I started this when a request for this particular model came to me, but I lost contact with the person who requested the picture and so I finished it with my standard Ashinaga face and tail. 

Added mountains to the background to give it depth. Not sure if he'll make it onto a cover or not.