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Monday, August 22, 2016

Star Wars: Ashi's Shame chapter 17

Star Wars Chapter 17: We continue the story of Ashi as he escorts the Trandoshan to the authorities of Sorkonia. He sees something in the terrified mercenary that makes him curious. There is more to this man than a kidnapper or bounty hunter. The Sorkonians are still shocked by the events that happened earlier, and even worse, Drak has fallen onto his last resort.

Previous Chpater: Chapter 16

Monday, August 15, 2016

Star Wars Ashi's Shame Chapter 16

We return to the thrilling adventure of the Jedi student Ashi. He has just rescued a woman from certain death after she attempted to save her own children. Unfortunately, her son and daughter have been taken as hostages by the two mercenaries that Drak sent to find Ashi. Ashi found a cave that led to a secret entrance into Sorkonia, which would provide him the element of surprise when dealing with these villains. Inside this ancient, lost cave were two unique sapphires. Imbued with the force, they can be the cores to lightsabers one day. Now, on the precipice of battle, Ashi listens in to find out what is happening inside where two mercenaries hold hostages.

Previous Chapter: Chapter 15

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Star Wars: Ashi's Shame Chapter 15

Star Wars Ashi's Shame continues. Ashi spent time in a pool where a kyber crystal provided him a glimpse into the future. He saw that an ancient city in the mountains is in peril. The mercenaries will try something in desperation that could spell doom for many innocent Jahalans. Ashi must leave quickly and hope to stop them.

Previous chapter: Chapter 14

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Star Wars Ashi's Shame Chapter 14

Star Wars Ashi Shame continues; Ashi has been shown to a special place behind an ancient bathhouse, which happens to be a holy place for a small order of priestesses. He is told to bathe in a unique pond where he should encounter visions, but doesn't seem to notice anything when he first enters it. At the same time, two of the surviving mercenaries have unknowingly passed him on their way to find him. They now trek toward the stone city of Sorkonia built high on a mountain over Mists village. Soon, Ashi will not only encounter a glimpse of the future, but face a trial of honor.

Previous Chapter: Chapter 13

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Star War's Ashi's Shame: Chapter 13

Ashi continues his journey, pondering which direction he will go with his life. At this time he desires a respite. On his path lies the ancient village of Mists. Here he will seek a relaxing time in the calming bathhouses, but discovers something more awaits him.

Previous Chapter: Chapter 12

Monday, August 1, 2016

Star War's Ashi's Shame Chapter 12

Ashi has just faced the memories of the darkest day of his life. He must choose what to do next. The shame and guilt in him will only fester if he doesn't confront this. The only path to accomplish this is through the Jedi tests. At the same time, some of the mercenaries escaped the wrath of the villagers. Still determined to collect on the huge bounty, their goal remains the head of the Jedi. 

Previous Chapter: Chapter 11