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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Crystal Needle

The first official post of my blog will be, of course, about my newest book. This book was inspired by the EGA, or Embroiderers Guild of America. A few years back they announced that they would be having a convention and the theme would be Stitching Magic. I was aware that their theme would be more Vegas style magic, but it got me thinking. I already had a character in my first published book that is a Stitching Witch, why not craft a story around that idea. I started it with a few basics and then let it go. I had a lot of fun with this story. I fell in love with the characters and the fictional town they lived in.

My first intention was to have this book be out to sell at the convention. But, that was not feasible, even if a publisher grabbed it the moment I finished writing it. But, I still tried to get it into the hands of a publisher or an agent. No one could understand the idea of a fantasy novel that has to do with stitching. It was pretty much left alone. So, after being turned down enough times, I went to Kindle and Nook. It became an ebook instantly.

 The convention has come and gone, but the story is finally available for you to read. Please, by all means, grab your Kindle or Nook and download it.


  1. How about an excerpt? I'm an old fashioned reader, like something hardbound that I can put on my shelf.

  2. You can read a pretty long excerpt on the Amazon page. I want to find a traditional publisher to print a hardbound edition, but so far no takers. I am hoping that the ebook will garner enough interest to make it easier to sell to a traditional publisher.