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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Art from me

Along with posting about my books, I also want to show the art I enjoy creating. Now, I do not consider myself a great artist, in fact I am only proficient in pencil. But, I do enjoy drawing my characters and sometimes the items from my stories. This way I have a visual tool to keep the character in mind properly. I have often found that after I finish an image, I can determine more story about him through some of the nuances in the art itself. So, here is my first selection.

The character I draw is the main character from another book. His name is Asahina Miyagi and the story is based on the Legend of the Five Rings storyline. If you are into CCG's, then this game and its deep storyline is one of the best.

Meet Asahina Miyagi: He was a human of the Crane Clan in the mythical lands of Rokugan. After inheriting a jade talisman from his father, he lived a simple life of a priest in training. Then, after an evil Bloodspeaker obtained the wicked Obsidian Talisman of Kumo no Oni, the spirit of the Jade Talisman went to work. It gifted Miyagi with incredible power and insight, but it also changed his physical form. He became a creature known as a Kitsu, half lion half man. With the Jade Talisman embedded in his body, and hundreds of new, ancient memories surfacing to aid him, Asahina Miyagi has set out on a path to seek a way to stop the dangerous Kumo No Oni lest all the lands of Rokugan fall into darkness forever.

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