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Thursday, December 15, 2011

How I draw my drawings

Here I thought I would show you how I draw my pictures. I usually start with a picture of a model, this image is a screen shot from a movie (which one I am not sure, found the image on the internet). Then I get my rough drawning and flesh that out. It normally takes me a couple days to get from start to finish, but this was only about three to four hours work total. My larger pieces can take me a lot longer, this one is a bit on the simple side.
The rough drawing of the image

Started with the right arm.

Then fleshed out left arm and abdomen
I always start the face with th nose and eyes,
then the mouth.
Here I start to alter the image to fit the character.
 I added the mane hair, ears, and dark nose.


  1. Very cool. So you need to fill out Bark's story a bit more. Introduce another hero. Something more cerebral to give the non-linguistic bark some voice.

  2. I have thought about doing a part 2 for Bark, but I really didn't think people cared. I will give it some thought. Right now I have two books being edited, I am writing a new book, and working with the recently published one. My brain is a little full. But, I will set aside some time to think about it.