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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

More Art

Some more of my artwork. This was one of the earliest pieces I did of this character.

Miyagi pt2: After the village he grew up in was destroyed by a horrible bloodspeaker, and the obsidian pendant lost. He took up a new nick name, Ashinaga, and began a trip with a close friend, a girl he grew up with named Daidoji Tsuruko. Ashinaga set out across the empire in search of more than just a way to stop the evil, he had to learn from all the families and clans he encountered on his journey. His first trip led him to rescue a man by the name of Miya Shoin from bandits. Miya Shoin was of an Imperial family, and this connection gave him the ability to offer Ashinaga a great gift as thanks for saving his life. Ashinaga was presented papers that allowed him passage throughout all the lands of Rokugan without fail. All who looked upon these papers must obey, lest they slight the authority of the Imperial family Miya. With this in hand, the journey began and a two year adventure lay ahead of Ashinaga the Kitsu and Daidoji Tsuruko, the Yojimbo.

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