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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Book Cover

One of the most attractive qualities of a book is its cover, or it should be. Have you ever been told, ‘’don’t judge a book by its cover.’’ ? Well, that is a good idea and a logical thing to live by but it isn’t entirely the truth. A good book cover sells the book, it appeals to the eye and illustrates characters, settings, objects, and/or story. Think if you went to the movies and all you saw on the walls were large blank sheets of paper with the movie title written on it? Boring, right? Don’t make up your mind by the book cover, but don’t disregard its value.

Now, about mine. Okay, if you have been paying attention over the last two months you will have noticed that I changed my book cover 4 times. The first was a bust, I tried to draw it myself and it didn’t look good on the book, and the idiot I can be misspelled a word on it. On to the next. Okay, when I realized my mistake, with the help of a friend pointing it out, I had to come up with something quickly. So, I just typed out the title and filled it in with color. It was boring, but correctly spelled. On to the next. Alright, the second cover worked, but as I said, it was boring. The book is set in New England, and it deals with the leaves of fall often. So, I got a picture I took here in East Tennessee of the trees in fall. Close enough. I added the title and there I had it, an eye catching cover that worked.

Okay, so it obviously didn’t work well as I changed it again. The third cover was nice, but the title was unreadable through all the colors and leaves. I tried several different fonts and colors of the words and nothing worked. I even  tried to put the title on a banner over the image, which looked third grader not professional….or really semi-professional. I tossed out the idea of using the fall leaves and thought hard about the book. What is thematic enough to really speak as a picture? Stitching. I stitch, mom stitches, and I have a decent camera. I gathered up some of the nicer pieces of embroidery, samplers are classic and pretty. I also took up some of the quartz and amethyst pieces I have to add a touch of fantasy to it. I took that outside and snapped a few images with different settings. With the sun light adding shadow it was just right. Come in and do a little image editing with the computer and presto, a new book cover. The title is readable, the image is suited to the book, its altogether appealing to the eye. For an amateur, it isn’t bad. (If I do say so myself.)

Do not judge my book by its cover. It has so much more than I could ever put into one picture. But, do not disregard the cover either.

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