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Friday, February 24, 2012

L5R: Legend of the 5 Rings

Hey everyone. I am a long time gamer, mostly in collectable card games. I have played many different ones and most have since gone the way of the dinosaur. But one in particular has stuck around for a while and has been one of my favorites. Legend of the Five Rings.

                This game is set in a mythological world influenced by Japanese, Chinese, and various other Asian myths and legends. Samurai, sorcery, and politics all play a heavy role in the development of the story. The game itself is on its 17th year with a whole new arc starting right now. ( So now is the time to get into it if you are new.)

                What attracted me to the game was not just the great style of the art and fun gameplay, it was the interactive storyline. The game is based around an ongoing storyline that is crafted by a team of writers at Alderac Entertainment Group. They have the largest say in the games canon, but the players actually have impact. With many clans in the world of Rokugan, you have an alliance to your faction that you play at major events. Most players will play outside of the clan that they started with and are most loyal to, but the truth is that most players want their one most favorite clan to win the best stories and get the best rewards. Some players aren’t as interested in story issues as to gathering the best items for their clan to get as special cards in future expansions. But, there are plenty of players like myself, ones who want their clan to have the best outcome in the story so that they achieve greater success in the Empires eyes.

                L5R has grown to include a table top version and an RPG. The tabletop really didn’t survive long, though there are still a few devoted who play now and then. The RPG has a massive following and has grown to be almost as influential as the card game. I know a lot of players who play just the RPG and never touch the cards. ( I must say that they are missing a great time, but at least they are enjoying themselves. )

                Each year the company sponsors tournaments all over the world called Kotei. The winners of each of these events will come to a final event that will have the most impact on the story of any of the tournaments held each year. Each Kotei will have impact as well, giving players multiple ways to have a hand in the ongoing adventures of the Samurai of Rokugan. Players can achieve this influence primarily through gameplay, but they also have contests of knowledge, costuming, haiku, and other various methods so that even the lowliest of players have a chance of giving their favorite clan/personality story time.

                Check out your local gaming store, or gaming group, and learn about one of the most exciting and fun games on the market today.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


A little teaser for a book that I am working on. This is concept art for the book cover. Details will come later.

p.s. Yes, this is my own work, the photography and editing.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Meet Bark

My superhero. I play a game on Facebook that is an online CCG, or Collectible Card Game. In this game there is a small storyline that they are slowly developing. As an author who loves to write every day I decided to use some of my free writing time between projects to come up with a hero all my own for the story of this game. One hundred and fifty pages of story later, I have a hero that some of my game friends have come to like, Bark.  And here is the synopsis of the first installment:

Joshua Henderson was a nice Oklahoma boy, born and raised in Tulsa. Josh moved to Las Vegas to work for a private security company. He was hired to protect a laboratory while the scientist worked on highly sensitive projects. Little did he know that he was to be the subject of experimentation. A evil scientist, Dr. Osten, tried to mutate Josh into a human dog hybrid that would be the perfect, loyal soldier. The process was interrupted and the scientist killed by one of his other experiments that had broken free. Josh, half transformed into a dog, escaped with his life and not much else. His memory nearly erased, he wondered the deserts searching for help. He could not speak, but only making a barking noise. People feared him and the ULH, United League of Heroes, was called to find him and trap him. He was found by a woman named Frost. She took pity on him and brought him back to the station. There they discovered that he was no threat, but a possible asset to world security. With the nick name Bark, as that is the sound he makes, he is learning to use his new found abilities while the doctors of the ULH attempt to help return some of his memory and give him back a voice.

Barks superpowers include: hyper sensitive hearing and smell, above average strength and agility. And most important, an unshakable loyalty to defend others.

Barks drawbacks: head to toe fur, a tail that doesn’t fit every chair or costume, and the inability to construct words with his mouth. He is also a little na├»ve having not been part of the super-hero world before.

If you are interested in learning more about Bark, or the game Clash: Rise of Heroes, check it out on Facebook. Clash You can also check back, if I get a decent response to this article, I may continue to provide tid-bits about this little story.


Friday, February 3, 2012


I have always loved making this little flash puzzles. This is really just a test. I haven't figured out how to put the puzzle itself onto my blog and not just a link to it. If you enjoy a few moments of puzzle building, then click and enjoy. I will try to figure out how to post the puzzle itself before next time. I will also find different pictures to use.