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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I love to draw. When I was younger, my father was a pastor in a small church outside of Stillwater Oklahoma. Being an ADD child, I needed something to do with my hands. So, I sat in the back of the church and drew. It really didn’t matter what I drew, so long as I had something to do.
                When I was in high school, an art teacher taught me about shading. That helped me understand drawing a little better. From there, I started to draw more. As I have mentioned before, I like to draw my characters. It helps me know them better, write their story better, and ultimately, understand them better. Sometimes the drawing tells the story, sometimes the drawing is done after the storey is written. Sometimes, the drawing is a humorous aside from the base story.
                In 1989 the Nation Geographic did a full article about the restoration of the Sistine Chapel ceiling. I was fascinated by the art. No, it wasn’t the naked ladies that interested me, it was the way that this man was able to paint people and make them look so real. Consider that I was seven at the time. From there, I became a fan of Michelangelo. My mother entered college when I was in first grade. She started in music, but eventually got into art history. That gave me a chance to learn more about art history and the art itself. I always wanted to draw, perhaps even paint like my favorite artist, Michelangelo.  To this day, I still cannot paint (other than walls), but I am always trying to improve my drawing.  
Yu: Courage: This was a piece I did for a Christmas gift. The piece is three feet tall, one of my biggest pieces.

Over the Great Wall: This is a piece I drew for a story I have been posting on the Legend of the Five Rings forum. It was drawn after the story was written, thus this did not drive the story, the story drove the image. It was drawn in one evening.
 Summer Fun: This is yet another type of drawing. It really contains two different things. One, the humor I like to play around with with my characters. Second, it was a request by the model who wanted to be drawn as a big cat. The character in this image is from a pseudo Japanese culture. A friend saw another image where he is wearing board shorts and said, '' if he is supposed to be from Japan, he would wear speedos" So, here he is.

A little about requests: I have done many drawings for people who wanted me to draw them as a character. They are the model in the picture, posing for me and letting me draw them. They get a furrier image of themselves, I get a new piece for my stories. I don't open this up for anyone, just those that contact me through a friend who is also a photographer. I am afraid that I don't have the talent or time to take all the requests that would come in if I threw that floodgate open.

One last note: I post my drawings for the same reason that I want to publish my books. I wanted to use my talents to make people happy, to give them something to enjoy. Artist have traditionally made life more colorful, happy, interesting, and altogether fun. Of course, earning a living is a nice side effect, but at this time, I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon. So, for now, enjoy.

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