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Friday, May 4, 2012


Recently I posted a need on a Facebook page for indie authors. I needed reviews of my book and I was not getting any. I wanted them to be legit, no one just being nice and 'reviewing' the book with a false statement. I was pleased at the response. With a great big help from a friend, Wendy Siefken who is also an indie author, I got a bunch of people who took free copies of the book to read and review. Some haven't finished yet, or at least they have not posted a review yet. But, I did have a few who have and they were very nice reviews. They did exactly what I wanted, they reviewed the content with precise knowledge of the book and with personal opinions that reflect what they liked and why others might enjoy the book.

I cannot explain in words how good it feels to know that someone enjoys my work. I hope that their reviews will encourage other like-minded readers to pick up the book and read it. I did not write it for a few, but for many. Now, it is not just my word about my book being worth reading, but others who enjoy this type of book.

Thanks to everyone who helped out. It really made me feel better when I needed the encouragement.

I can say that I have not had a bad review of the book. And, unfortunately, I expect that sooner or later I will have one of the random review trolls show up to give my book a low rating and a scathing review for the sake of being mean. More than one author can tell the story of the person or persons who felt the need to spread random acts of unkindness. I hope that these trolls leave me alone, but there is little I can do to stop them if they decide to pounce.

What I can say is that I have written another novel recently. That novel was reviewed by a book club and they tore it apart. I felt that some of what they had to say had merit, whereas there was some stuff that was wrong. I smiled through it and did not lash out at them, as I was the one who asked them to give me their opinions. But, unfortunately it did leave me feeling rather bad. It was like my writers soul was crushed. So, as you can imagine, a few kind words really were a refreshing spring breeze.

And, yes, I have experienced the soul crushing, anger inducing, unfair attacks by trolls. My first novel was reviewed by several people, or really one person posing again and again under different alias'. I understand that the book needs some more work and that my publisher did not do me right by publishing it without really giving the editing it needed. But, the story is still sound and the attacks were overly cruel. What this person did to me left me scared to even try again for a few years. In fact when I finally decided to try and get my current novel published, I had a really hard time working through the fear of being attacked. To this day, I get a cold sweat and trembling stomach each time I look to see if any new reviews have shown up. So you can understand why seeing honest, good reviews effects me so. It isn't an ego booster, it is a justification in me that I am not as bad as I felt about myself for a long time.

So, I will say again, thank you to those who took their time to read my book and write the review. I know that there are millions of books out there that you have waiting to be reviewed. Taking the time to do mine was very nice of you.

For anyone who is scratching his/her head and asking, ''What book is he talking about?", here is a shameless plug.

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  1. Dan, your book deserves all the accolades received. I've escaped notice of trolls so far, but realize that must be a very heavy load to shrug off. Good for you for getting back into the saddle (talk about mixed metaphors) and writing again, and seeking good feedback.

    I felt truly honored to be invited to read and review your work.