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Friday, June 15, 2012

Clash: Continued

Continuing with the post last week, here are some more of the characters you will meet if you read my story based on the Clash: Rise of Heroes Facebook game.

Today I am showing you first the ULH. It is the home and school of the characters in the story. Taking some liberties with the story, I set the ULH on a Spacestation orbiting earth. In the game, there are spacestations for your superbase and the training HQ starts you in one. It seemed logical to put the whole ULH there. Besides, it is a way to separate this story from other well known superhero academies in the comic world.

Artisty: Jos Fouts

The second is Dr. Tobias Glyph, aka Cerberus. He is a fun character to write. First, he is African American which helps add a nice diversity to the characters. Second, his story is good for a superhero who isn't really a superhero. He has great powers, and is very brave. But, in my story, his knowledge and skills are more useful that his ability to go into combat. There are two authority figures in the story, the first being The General, who commands all of the ULH. His level of authority makes it not so easy to connect with the main characters on a friendship level. So, the second was Tobias Glyph. An important member of the staff of the ULH, but being a doctor who has close contact with Bark, and all the other members of the station, he can provide a more friendly authority figure.

Artist: Alex Dai
The Third character....sort of.....really isn't all that important. I want you to see it more than know it. It is the ULH trainbot. A nice additional to the science fiction realm of this story. Also, a good add in. Robots can be used for fascinating stories about woker revolutions and/or social commentaries. Not here, mine are generic material to fluff the stories edges at times. When I need an emotionless security drone.....add a robot. When I need a helper for a situation that would be dangerous for anyone else.....add a robot. They can be funny or fun, they can be killed without too much moral conflict. They can be the workers that keep the station operating smoothly.

Keep in mind this material is copywrite of Qunify, Red Point Labs, & Making Fun, Inc.

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