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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why not try?

I love to draw. That should be obvious now. I do not count myself as a great artist or even of high quality. I will admit that over time I have become a little above average. I like to take my drawing with me, when I go places where I have some time for waiting, I will bring something to draw. Of course this draws an amount of attention from onlookers.

What strikes me the most about the interactions of the viewers is that most people have tried drawing, and most have given up quickly. Now, I am not one to say that everyone has every talent available. Some people can't write, some can't draw, some can't perform brain surgery. I will admit that the last is far beyond my ability, and I am more than glad that there are those who can. But, no one with a manageable talent has gotten where he or she is by not practicing. To say that you can't just because you drew a few things and they didn't work out is foolish. It is cheating you a possible opportunity at doing something that might fulfill their lives a little better.

To help illustrate this point, I am going to show you my progress over the past 10 or so years. Back, years ago, I started to consider characters that I wanted to write, but I had a hard time seeing them in the minds eye. I knew a lot about them, but I was not really able to fully see their face. So, my mother said, "why don't you try drawing them?" So, I did.

Of course some of my earliest work has been lost, mostly trashed when I drew something I liked better. I wish I had it now to show you how......needing in practice they were.

Note: You will notice that I draw a lot of anthropomorphic people. ( That would be animal/human people.) I like them, and I enjoy writing about them. If you want human people stories and art, there are other really good artist/writers out there. Last, I don't like the term of "Furry" as that has a rather erotic connotation that I don't wish to be associated with.

This is a drawing I published with my first book. This is Merlin the 32nd.
Here is Merlin frozen in time by his mother

As you can see, these are are lower quality than what I draw now. But, if you are saying " I still couldn't do that." you are wrong. This is what I considered good enough to publish, which means that I worked my way up to this.

 This is the next phase of my art. This is a character named Midnight from a series of stories I wrote for my family. The artwork has improved, but still needed a lot of work. (Yes he's naked, no you can't see anything.)
Here is another character for a Star Trek Voyager novel I wrote that I don't expect to see published. Here I started to break away from my normal art styles and tried something new.
Yet another extension of myself into a new area, I tried drawing a child. This happens to be one of my all time favorites.
I have never been able to draw female forms as well as male. Even with more practice, I don't think they are that good. This is my best work, I hope to do better.
After several years, I feel my work is finally showing the characters closer to my own thoughts.
Finally, I am now branching out to larger pieces so I can explore deeper detail and richer characterization.
These are just a tip of the iceberg of what I have drawn over the years. Practice, practice, practice. There is nothing more to it. Yes, I have always had a knack for it, but I didn't start with what I can do now. It is the same with writing, or stitching, or brain surgery. So, when you see something you want to do, try. Don't whimper about the fact that you can't, when you won't try.

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  1. The artist in you showed from the very beginning. Well done.