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Friday, June 8, 2012

The World of Clash

Creating a story based around someone else's storyline can be challenging. Not only do you have to make sure that he/she/they are okay with that idea, also you must keep the story in line with their existing storyline. When the storyline they have is detailed and deep, it can prove to be a mountain to climb. But, when the story is new and hardly built yet, you have a lot of room to work.

If you have been keeping up with my Blog and/or my Facebook page, you might know that one of the stories that I have been working on for the past 7 months is the story of Bark.

If you have not, here is a basic overview of him.: Bark is a student superhero at the ULH spacestation in the world of Clash: Rise of Heroes. Wait, stop there, you don't know about Clash: Rise of Heroes? Well, then I will have to educate you on that.

The Facebook game Clash: Rise of Heroes is a card game for facebook. Much like Magic the Gathering, or Legend of the Five rings, this card game is customizable and plays slightly like a role playing game. To begin, they created a small backstory for the universe of their creation and short backstories for the characters and organizations within that universe. But, that is about it. The game itself is based on the idea of a comic book, so there are short comic book series within the game that tell simplified stories that aren't all that deep. Fun and entertaining, but not exactly Avengers. This was a good thing for me. I wanted to create my own hero within their universe. Since they did not have a deep well rounded storyline, I could play around a little and flavor it with my own touch.

Enter Bark: I drew him first, as usual. Then I wrote a short summery of where he came from, how he got his powers, and what he encountered before joining the ULH, United League of Heroes. After that garnered a little interest from the fanbase, I went on to write a more complete story for his first days at the ULH. That caught even more attention, and being an attention hound, I decided another story was needed. That pleased the readers. Now, I am working on finishing the first actual book of this character, a third full story that will hopefully be as well received as the others.

Now I have another problem. I want you, those who read this blog and know my other books, to see and enjoy these stories. I understand that not everyone is interested in playing a Facebook game. I am sorry to hear that, it is a load of fun, but I understand. How do I get around the story points that only those knowledgeable in Clash would know. The answer: Introduce you to Clash.( And no, I am not going to see each of you a game request on Facebook.)

So, here is the game story in a few clips. Note: This work is not mine, but the creation, property, and copy write of Qunify, Red Point Labs & Making Fun, Inc. The art is by other artists, who I will denote with each post. I will post more in further blog entries, these are just to get you started.
The base idea of the game.
Character Artist: Jos Fouts
Character Artist: Jos Fouts
Character Artist: Jos Fouts

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