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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall Pumpkin Square

Fall is around the corner. For me that means the end of summer, but it also means colorful leaves, cider, holidays, and pumpkins. Yes, my house isn't decorated with scary stuff for Halloween, or with little pilgrims all over the place, it is covered in pumpkins of all sorts. Glass, fabric, real, and many others have been gathered over the years to make my home feel a little like a pumpkin patch for nearly three months out of the year.

As you all should know by now one of the prominent themes of The Crystal Needle is embroidery. And what better time of year to stitch than fall? So, I present to you, the Fall Pumpkin Square. This little pattern was designed by my mother for a project with the EGA, Embroiderers Guild of America. Since it is her design, she has graciously offered it up for free for you to enjoy. It isn't hard and it shouldn't take too long to stitch, so get those needles out and craft a pumpkin for your own home this year.

Keep in mind that instructions for stitching are more like suggestions. If you want to duplicate what you see, then follow closely, but if you want to change it go right ahead. Have fun with it. If you do stitch it, please get me a photo of the final product and I will post it on this blog and on my Facebook fanpage. This piece would be perfect as a pillow, ornament, or in a small wooden frame for seasonal decor. Stitch in peace.

Here it is.
Stitched by Bonita Peyton 
If you need a larger pattern to print off, please follow this link  

·        28ct Lugana 10”X10” ( I used Summer Khaki, but you can use any 14 or 28 ct. fabric you like)
·        8in. Q-Snap ( or whatever you want to use)
·        1 skein Sherwood Forest Wild Flowers
·        1 skein Turmeric Wild Flowers
·        Beads of your choice ( I used DB-601 Delicas)
·        Beading Needle
·        Size 24 Needle
Design Area: 88 threads square
·        Border rows are worked over 4 threads
·        Pumpkin rows are worked over 2 threads
·        Pumpkin stem is worked over 4 threads
·        Each square on graph is one thread
·        Smyrna Cross – Sherwood Forest
·        Alternating Cross Stitch/Upright Cross – Turmeric
·        Pumpkin – alternate rows of cross stitch in the two wild flowers colors. If you want to use beads, pick your rows and sew on as you cross stitch.

Work the borders first as it will be easier to place the pumpkin. Inner square measures 56 threads square. The pumpkin measures 28H x 30W. Go over 15 threads from the right inside edge of the border and 20 threads up from the bottom inside edge of the border. This will place you at the bottom left edge of the starting stitch. 

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