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Monday, October 15, 2012

Heritage Days

            Each year in Rogersville, Tennessee, there is a festival celebrating all things East Tennessee, fall, gospel, fun. There is music, crafts, food, art shows, quilt shows, and much more. For the past few years my mother and I have exhibited art in their show. This year our Embroiderers Guild interest group decided to get a booth and demonstrate embroidery for anyone interested in learning. We also advertised the guild to anyone who would like to know more and, hopefully, join. It was a great success. We were placed on the lawn in front of the old Masonic Temple. Beside us was a lady doing wood carving demonstrations, with a chainsaw. In front of us was a woman that spun alpaca wool into yarn, she even brought her own alpacas. They were a delight to watch and fortunately did not produce any odors. Over the two days we were able to teach many children about stitching with a little free pattern that we had set up with a small piece of fabric, thread, and a needle. It was my first attempt at actually teaching embroidery, which I think I did a pretty passable job. If you live in the area, or are going to travel through during this time of the year, I highly suggest making the stop next year. The Heritage Days event is a great way to experience the season.

Now here are some pics of the event so that you can see how much fun we had.

Here are moms contributions to the art show. She won 3rd place.
Here is the original on display.
My stitched contribution to the show.

The art show. 
Here is the original for Bark. I also included a bit of the story.

The booth. 
Our friends, a male and female alpaca.

Sarah teaching embroidery to a very attentive learner.
Jean took the opportunity to work on her piece. 

The festival, at least part of it. 

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