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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Update week 2: Inspiration Room.

Well, I just finished my work for the 14th day. Yes, two weeks into my own personal NaNo and I am on track. As you can see by the numbers at the bottom of this post, I have a grand total so far of 27,948 words for the month of January.

To celebrate, I am going to write up a post about me. Okay, that sounded conceited. The post is a look into how I write. This one is about my inspiration room. ( Inspiration room: noun, madeupword: A room filled with items, pictures, and various artifacts that inspire writers/artists to create.)

Since I was a child I loved to make up stories about things. I played with toys like nobody else. Every toy had a story, every thing I touched had a story. When I was bored I could conjure up all sorts of legends about the silliest objects. As I grew up I am happy to say that I am not without a few toys around me. No, I don't run around in the yard playing with them anymore, (just inside) but I do draw inspiration from them. And, not everything around me is a toy, but something fascinating in its own way. I fill my space around where I write with stuff that excites and endears the imagination. When Kim posted that writing contest and I sat in my room thinking about what kind of story I wanted to write, I looked to what was around me. And, behold, I found a story in a bubble wand. Well, not your ordinary bubble wand. This wand was crafted by a local artisan that uses wire, wood, and marbles to craft artistic bubble wands. He was selling them at Dollywood during a festival a few years back and I got one. This one was the most unique he had at the time and I just loved it. The moment I picked it up I knew that one day I would tell its story. I will post about the wand itself in a later post. Hey, I need to keep some material for future posts.

This is the bubble wand in question. Most of his were hearts and stars, which looked fine. But, this one caught my eye. 

Now to tell you more about my inspirations. 

Left: This kimono was found on ebay by my mother. It is a festival kimono that kids wear. Beautiful stitching on the back.

Right: I have a few castles from the old Enchanted Kingdoms castle collection, such beautiful work. Notice the Enterprise flying by. Yup, I still have toys hanging around.

 I collect snowflake ornaments. I love the ornate
design and delicate beauty of the snowflake

As you should probably have guessed, I like big cats.
This little pride hangs around my left side of the computer.
You can see that the female protects my writing notes.


My father found this for me. This
warrior keeps an eye on the right side
of my computer

I have collected rocks for over twenty years
a friend of mine is a 40 year veteran geologist. When
he decided to clean out his stock, I grabbed up what I
wanted. I don't put faith in crystals, but I am inspired
to write fantasy because of them

Here are some of my recent additions. These
are fossils found by my friend when he was
working with the road system. Yes, everything
you see is either rock or animal, even the cork
screw looking thing in the bottom left. 

Day 1: 3,217 words
Day 2: 585 words
Day 3: 2,170 words
Day 4: 1,420 words
Day 5: 2,202 words
Day 6: 2,496 words
Day 7: 1,344 words
Week 1 ------------------------------------ 13,434 words
Day 8: 958 words
Day 9: 2,248 words
Day 10: 1,775 words
Day 11: 2,249 words
Day 12: 2,754 words
Day 13 2,830 words
Day 14: 1,700 words
Week 2-------------------------------------- 14,514 words  (27,948 total.) 


  1. I thank you for the information you just shared with us. It gives me a bit of insight to you and your writing.

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