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Monday, January 21, 2013

Update week 3

So, it isn't quite 3 weeks yet, one day short of that. But, tomorrow is a big day for me and I don't think I will be able to blog anything then. So, one day ahead of three weeks. As you can see from the totals below I am sitting at 47,536 words this month so far. So, I am pretty far ahead of myself. I only hope the book as actually good.

Asahina Miyagi 
For this update I want to talk about a part of my writing, animal people. If you haven't noticed already, I draw and write a lot about anthropomorphic animals. What is that giant word you might ask, when you create anything that is anthropomorphic you combine a non-human thing with human characteristics. A talking car, or blob of dough in a commercial are anthropomorphic creations. In my case, I take human elements and morph them together with animals. I have always been fascinated by these characters and wanted to write stories about them.

Superhero Bark 
There are quite a few artist/authors out there that do the same thing. I am not alone, but I try to make mine unique in some ways. When drawing and describing them I try to make sure that the biology is remotely believable. The person standing on tall dog-like legs tends to make me thing, 'that would be a  balancing nightmare'. Or the paws instead of feet and/or hands give me pause, it is my belief that we are designed with the shape of our hands and feet to function correctly for our body types, paws are meant for running and pouncing. Lastly, the face. When an anthropomorphic creature has a considerably more animal face than human, I begin to ask some questions about how that would work physically. I know that I add a touch of muzzle to my anthro people, but to me when I see an anthro person with a face that has the jaw line, muzzle, nose, and cheeks of a canine or feline type, I stop and think to myself how that those facial features are there to help the animal that is low to the ground and uses its face only to eat. An animals face is not designed to speak clearly and emote in humanistic ways. So, I try to adopt more human face with animal touches. Of course this is all just my opinion, as all these creations are pure imagination. I simply feel that the reader/viewer will relate better to a person that seems a more logical creation.

Treb the Rakki
As for the term furry. I guess that can be applied to what I create. Furry is a slang for Anthropomorphic animal/people, as in they are furry. But, as with much slang this day and age, it has a double entendre that leads to a very pornographic sub-culture. I do not go there and do not wish to be equated with such things, so I don't refer to what I write or draw as furry.

Shra'Kara of Aldaria 
I do get asked by people, you know who you are, about the fact that my writing tends to have this in it. I have even been made fun of for it, or have people tell me that I 'need' to write regular stuff as well. Here is my answer. I like to write and draw this, what is wrong with that? If you want Fiction with regular human characters, there are a lot of really awesome authors out there for you. If you do not like Anthro work, don't read what I write.

Day 1: 3,217 words
Day 2: 585 words
Day 3: 2,170 words
Day 4: 1,420 words
Day 5: 2,202 words
Day 6: 2,496 words
Day 7: 1,344 words
Week 1 ------------------------------------ 13,434 words
Day 8: 958 words
Day 9: 2,248 words
Day 10: 1,775 words
Day 11: 2,249 words
Day 12: 2,754 words
Day 13 2,830 words
Day 14: 1,700 words
Week 2-------------------------------------- 14,514 words  (27,948 total.)
Day 15: 1,461 words
Day 16: 4,058 words
Day 17: 3,242 words
Day 18: 3,203 words
Day 19: 2,824 words
Day 20: 2,719 words 
Day 21: 2,081 words
Week 3-------------------------------------- 19,588 ( 47,536 total) 

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