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Monday, February 11, 2013

Dream Project Blog-hop

Hey everyone, this is my blog post for the Dream Project blog hop. If you have not been keeping up with these great blog posts, go back to the beginning and start with day one here 

I was lucky enough to be part of this on day 11, which happens to be today. For this blog hop post, I am going to be answering all the questions with my book The Crystal Needle, in mind. If you have not read the need to. Either way, this should give you some insight on what I think of the book and how I would like to see it become something more. Please enjoy.

Here are the questions with my answers in blue. Check often, I have linked names and titles to websites to help you learn more about the answers. Plus, where the music questions are concerned, the links jump you to youtube videos so that you can hear the music that is in my answer.

You have the opportunity to hire anybody as your cover artist. Who would you hire? Greg Hildebrant. The twin brothers of Greg and Tim Hildebrant became synonymous with fantasy and sci-fi in the twentieth century. Their work is by far some of the most recognizable pieces of artwork produced for genre work like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons and many many others. Unfortunately we lost Tim a few years back, but Greg is still at it. To even have a sketch done for my book by him would be something that I would treasure forever. 

Who would you co-write your next novel with? Why genre? Why? William Shatner. Sci-ci. The 'why' has several reasons. First I have always wanted to publish a Star Trek novel. If Bill Shatner put his name on it, it would be published. Second, I love his series that began with The Ashes of Eden in the Star Trek fiction realm. I never fully respected him as an author until I read that series and saw the kind of character development I want to see in a good Star Trek novel. 

Your publisher wants to do an audiobook version of your novel and they're not sparing any expense. Who do you think can narrate your masterpiece? Ann Margret. The book begins with the idea that it is being told by Elsabethe. For that reason I would want the story to be told through a kind sound female voice. Ann Margret, to me, has the right voice for the role. 

They're really going all out! Your novel is getting a full soundtrack. Who should compose it?
Nobuo Uematsu/Salena Gomez. Uematsu is one of the best symphonic composers today, in my humble opinion, and I believe he could bring out the feel of the book with an edge. The book is also set with a love story that hearkens to a Disney-ish setting and I think that Salena Gomez's style of music would appeal to a large part of the audience.

 If your novel uses a lot of songs, list your compilation here. 

1: Appalachian Spring by Aaron Copland 
2: Dream by Miley Cyrus (One particular scene was written with this music in mind.)
3: Requiem (The Fifth) by Trans Siberian Orchestra (good battle scene music.)
4: Naturally by Salena Gomez (This was kind of the theme song for Allison.)

Congratulations! Your novel is being turned into a major motion picture. As the creator of the original work, you get to pick the director. For a live action version, I would have to pick Peter Jackson, as I know he will follow the story well. But, I feel that this book would do well as a cartoon under the direction of Hayao Miyazaki

The director has some ideas on who to cast, but you get to cast one character. What role/character is it and who portrays them? Meryl Streep would play Adel. If you have not read the book, Adel is the adversary. She is a strong, willful, power hungry woman who believes herself to be worthy of dominion over all mankind. She has an air of confidence about her that is always present. Between a few of Meryl Streeps characters, and the understanding that as an actress she is able to assume just about any character, I know she would make the part come alive. 

You've been hired to write a novel based on a preexisting character or franchise from another medium. Which character or franchise is it? Star Trek. I have already written a small series of books in this universe and would give just about anything to have them published. (Yeah, I know, my fanboy is showing.)

It's the anniversary of your favorite literary character's debut. You've been hired (yay, work!) to write an anniversary novel. Who is the literary character? Okay, fanboy showing up again. Guinan. If you don't know who that is, watch Star Trek The Next Generation and look for the multiple cameo's of Whoopi Goldberg. I grew up loving that character and believing she could have an awesome story. So, if I got to put my pen to paper for that, I would gladly do so. 


Well, that is all of the questions and answers. Feel free to comment to let me know what you think. This is certainly not the end of the hop, it continues tomorrow with So, go on by and see what they have to say about the questions. Keep our dream alive, read often. 


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  1. I'm a big Star Trek fan too. I hope you had fun and thanks for participating.