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Saturday, February 23, 2013


Stepping away from my recent update posts I decided to post something completely different. 

Been stitching a lot lately. It all started when I finally got around to finishing my Dragon piece a couple weeks back. I am also involved in a round robin sampler with my EGA interest group. ( a round robin sampler for those uniformed: We all got a long piece of linen and put that in a plain paper bag with our name on a card inside the bag. On that card we put colors and styles we either like or do not want. Then we pass the bag around the room, each month it changes to a new hand. Each month we all stitch onto whoevers sampler we got. In time, once the bags have been passed around to everyone, we get them back and see what they look like. During the passing, we don't tell each other what we are doing and don't show it to anyone. Now you are informed....if that made any sense.) I thought I might share what I have been doing with you. 

You should recognize the dragon I am talking about, I have posted about its construction for some time. This is the final product that should go to the framers. Notice that the piece is sort of wrinkled, that is because it has been rolled up since I finished it to keep it clean and safe. When it goes to the framers they will straighten it out through the stretching and lacing to frame it. 

Keeping in the same thought of finishing my pieces I found a little music instrument ornament I started some time back and never finished, so I finished it. 

Then I had an idea. I decided to stitch on some pieces that I might use to give away as prizes in contests to help promote the book. What better to promote a novel about stitching than with some embroidery. So, I stitched these two Chinese symbols and will have them framed for a future give away. (Yes, I am aware that my characters are Japanese, not Chinese, but aren't these pretty.)

To keep my fingers limber, and my ADHD mind focused, I stitch while I am in class at church on Wednesday evenings. I found a nice little free pattern online and have played around with it. 

Stitch in Peace.


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