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Friday, February 1, 2013

Update: 63k and going.

Well, as you should have noticed by now it's no longer January. My personal NaNoWriMo is over and I am happy to say that I succeeded and more. The final total came up to 63,489 words added to my book for the month of January. The book currently stands at 76,477 total words. I didn't think I was going to make it, but with persistence and forcing myself to focus each night, I was able to get there.

Word count should not be the inspiration of writing, it should be the product only. That is not to say that someone who writes 100k word novels is a bad writer or someone who writes short stories is a genius. I am saying that content matters. What this month helped me find is content. Since I was trying to get a larger number of words I found myself sitting down some days and thinking 'what am I going to add tonight?'. That question led to some interesting and fun extra meat to the story. Instead of just adding verbiage, I added character development and deeper descriptions. When I go back through it I might edit out some of it that does tend to get lengthy, but I feel that will be very little of that 63k of words. Do I think that this book is a great tome of fantasy and fiction? I am not privileged to say, for I feel that reader should decide that. Personally, I think the story is good but I never feel what I write is great. That is the soul of the artist, we love what we create while we are doing it, but when its done we question it and hate it worse than a snobby critic. Some of the worst things said about paintings, books, movies, plays, etc. were said by the very artist to created them.
The only picture so far drawn about my WIP

Am I done? No. This book is on the verge of the finale. But, there is still much to write to get there. I am going to sit down every day and write. I intend to guilt myself into this by keeping that running total running and posting it on my blog regularly. Keep your eyes open and see what I accomplish. I will also continue writing up extra parts to the post about the story so that you can learn more about what I am writing on.

This post is not exception. I will add a little about the book. Namely....the title.

I believe the name of this book will be:
             The Dragonwand of Gallenor.

I don't know how many of you who are reading this are writers or just readers, but you must respect the fact that one of the most difficult parts of the process is naming. Characters, places, things, but hardest of all, the book. Oh, you can start with a title in mind but it is likely to not really fit the book by the time you are halfway through. So, the question is, how do you decide? For me, and it might be different for each person, I want to get enough of the story done to know it. Once I get to a point that I get a sense of the carrying idea, I began to think of a title. In the case of The Crystal Needle, I knew about halfway through what I wanted to title it, but at first I had nothing. The Stitching Witches was my first idea and I decided that wasn't good enough. So, I eventually realized that whereas some of the characters were Stitching Witches, the one thing that everyone was focused on at least one time or another in the story was The Crystal Needle, thus I found my title. For my current WIP (work in progress) the guiding objective of all of the characters, good and bad, is finding the legendary Dragonwand to use it for either good or evil. I did consider just naming it Dragonwand, but I wanted more so I added the location the book is set in. That said, it is possible that it will go through another change in my heart to a new title, and if a miracle occurs and this book goes to a publisher, they might have an even better idea to help market it. For the title is one of the best marketing tools used. Consider this, would you have been as interested in a book called "Short people who used magic jewelry to save a fantasy world."? I believe you might step back and say ,"was that author drunk or something?" Or would you read a book called "The Lord of the Rings." Sounds spiffier doesn't it? I hope I have enlightened you to process involved in finding a book title. Considering what I have said, if you aren't an author, think about how much more difficult it would be to choose a cover that works? But, that's another post.

Day 1: 3,217 words
Day 2: 585 words
Day 3: 2,170 words
Day 4: 1,420 words
Day 5: 2,202 words
Day 6: 2,496 words
Day 7: 1,344 words
Week 1 ------------------------------------ 13,434 words
Day 8: 958 words
Day 9: 2,248 words
Day 10: 1,775 words
Day 11: 2,249 words
Day 12: 2,754 words
Day 13 2,830 words
Day 14: 1,700 words
Week 2-------------------------------------- 14,514 words  (27,948 total.)
Day 15: 1,461 words
Day 16: 4,058 words
Day 17: 3,242 words
Day 18: 3,203 words
Day 19: 2,824 words
Day 20: 2,719 words
Day 21: 2,081 words
Week 3------------------------------------ 19,588 words ( 47,536 total)
Day 22: 1,466 words
Day 23: 0 (book signing)
Day 24: 2,394 words
Day 25: 2,083 words
Day 26: Lazy
Day 27: 3,318 words
Day 28: 1,030 words
Week4--------------------------------------- 10,291 words ( 57,827 total)
Day 29 2,692 words
Day 30: 900 words
Day 31: 2,070 words
End---------------------------------------- 63,489 words  (Book total at this point: 76,477 words)

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