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Friday, February 8, 2013

Update week 1 and artwork.

Hello all. It is the end of week 1 of my February extension on my NaNo. I added quite a bit so far and moved the story along. I found myself hesitating to write a certain scene. I could not explain why but it felt the same as when I have writers block. Yet, I knew what I wanted to write and how. Then it hit me, the scene is a pivotal scene in the book where one of the heroes is captured by the bad guy. It is a frightening scene for the person who is captured and, frankly, I was reluctant to write it. But, I got through my reluctance and got it over with. The story now stands on the precipice of the final battle and I am going to have to put a lot of thought and time into making it live up to my expectations.

For todays post, I am going to step aside from talking about this book but some general philosophy. I wanted to show you some art. A friend of mine is a fan of a hunky model's fan page. The model is Colin Wayne who was very nice to talk to over the PM about this and was genuinely appreciative when I gave him the drawing. I am not the type to drool after a male model, but I do like finding images of them to draw into characters. I really had no outlet for a drawing of him, I have enough pics of my characters at this time. But, without practice the art gets rusty.  So, I found a pic of his on his page and used it to draw him as a cat.

The philosophy behind this is that we must always practice our arts. Be they musical, visual art, written, dance, etc. As authors, we can get into the mindset that we must only write what we intend to publish some day. You might argue that you write a journal or blog and that is different, but it is not practice at your art. I write all the time, even when I never intend to publish the work. I have a whole series of Star Trek novels that I know full well will be a movement of God to get published because of how difficult it is to break into that industry, but I still write them. I have stories like the Bark and Ashinaga stories I write with the understanding that at most they will be posted on here for  free. I did not create them to impress readers, if I had they would probably be better. I wrote them to keep my fingers and mind writing.

The same goes for my drawing. I have always drawn for the fun of it. I have never intended to become an artist of visual works with the idea of selling it for money. The only reason I make sure the copywrite is known and I try to keep track of the viewers is I do not want the art take and used in ways that would offend me.

This is a double of the drawing and Colin Wayne .
For the drawing of this model, Colin Wayne, I pushed myself to adopt more of his face into the character. Often my big cat men have a similar face and that is on purpose. The regular big cat is Asahina Miyagi from another story-line and so those pics have a similar face, its the same person. But, for this piece that was not the case. If you want, check out the models facebook page, Colin Wayne is a formerly wounded soldier, veteran, father, husband, athlete and a great looking guy.

Here is a full pic of the drawing. Note the lack of a tattoo on his upper arm.,
 he still has it  it's just covered in a lot of fur. 

I gave him the rights to the picture. If you want to use it you are going to have to speak with him.

As for the word count totals:

Day 1: 3,217 words
Day 2: 585 words
Day 3: 2,170 words
Day 4: 1,420 words
Day 5: 2,202 words
Day 6: 2,496 words
Day 7: 1,344 words
Week 1 ------------------------------------ 13,434 words
Day 8: 958 words
Day 9: 2,248 words
Day 10: 1,775 words
Day 11: 2,249 words
Day 12: 2,754 words
Day 13 2,830 words
Day 14: 1,700 words
Week 2-------------------------------------- 14,514 words  (27,948 total.)
Day 15: 1,461 words
Day 16: 4,058 words
Day 17: 3,242 words
Day 18: 3,203 words
Day 19: 2,824 words
Day 20: 2,719 words
Day 21: 2,081 words
Week 3------------------------------------ 19,588 words ( 47,536 total)
Day 22: 1,466 words
Day 23: 0 (book signing)
Day 24: 2,394 words
Day 25: 2,083 words
Day 26: Lazy
Day 27: 3,318 words
Day 28: 1,030 words
Week4--------------------------------------- 10,291 words ( 57,827 total)
Day 29 2,692 words
Day 30: 900 words
Day 31: 2,070 words
End---------------------------------------- 63,489 words  (Book total at this point: 76,477 words)
Month 2
Day 1: 1,218 words
Day 2: 3,740 words
Day 3: 3,115 words
Day 4: 1,279 words
Day 5: 2,367 words
Day 6: 1,491 words
Day 7: 2,571 words

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