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Friday, February 15, 2013

Update week 2 month 2: Nothing

Okay, so I made a mistake. I went on a vacation and left my book at home. I know that is horrible, but it happens. I thought I had it saved with me so that I could write while on vacation, but I got here and did not have it. numbers update this week.

Though, I am getting to a climactic part of the story and a little time to think and collect myself before writing it might do me some good. At least that is the excuse I am telling myself to make it seem less of an issue.

I am on my way home soon and will get back to it as soon as I can. Promise.

On another note: One of my favorite Facebook games is closing by the end of this month. It was announced a few days back and I am sad. It's Clash: Rise of Heroes. You should know of that from my Bark stories considering I wrote the character and storyline based on the Clash game. The game creators/developers have come to the conclusion that the game isn't making enough money and are bringing it to a swift close. Does this mean the end of Bark? Not sure. I still want to write his story and one of the creators has given me the right to publish it via Kindle as long as I make the ebooks permanently free. So, Bark may survive this cancellation. I am sad mostly because Clash was a very good game, not just another farmville knockoff that clutters Facebook. It had real strategy, smart ideas, and a fresh look at a classic genre. But, smart, fresh, and classic are not words associated with many FB games and I guess the public just didn't see in it what I saw. Fortunately there is a glimmer of hope, the developers are considering a future reincarnation of the game in some way that is not FB related. But, for now, as of Feb 28th, the game will close up shop.

Goodbye Clash, thanks for the memories.

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