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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Update week 3 of month 2. Music

Well, week 3 is done. With the void numbers from vacation, I got a little confused. So, I decided it was time for an update and that I will simply post what I have so far. I am getting close to the end and it is hard to  write some days. But, I will write every day. 

For this update post I will talk about music. I know that I have mentioned this before, but music is one of the most important elements of my books. Often I find the most vivid inspiration from music. A song, an instrumental, a symphony, any form of music can help tell a story. Sometimes it can be the story itself. I think of movies and how that a great epic would be half as impressive without the music. I went to see Les Miserables and though I have heard the music a hundred times, seen the plan several times, and know the story well. Yet, when the finale came, the music brought out in me a joyful sorrow that was deep. For this book I have relied on several different sources of music. For the beginning I listened to some Irish dance music that made me think of a simple fairy tale, for that was my original intentions. Then I broadened the story and began to listen to The Darkside of Chant. After some time I started to write to the soundtrack for Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Of course, several other pieces always come and go as I listen and write, Copland's Appalachian Spring  always seems to come up as I write as I love that piece of music. 
Vita Brevis, Ars Longa 

While I ride in the car for long trips, such as the one I was on earlier this month, I will listen to the music and just sit and imagine. Nothing more. But, oh the wonders I have crafted in my mind to the music. Love scenes, epic battles, sorrow filled tragedies, music has a way of inspiration that I feel nothing truly compares to. Often when I finish with a book, each main character has a theme song that I wrote to. A piece of music that each time I listen to it I can see them in it. Not a story per se, but their personality, their emotions, their growth. 

Sometimes I wonder...what would be my theme song. What would remind people of me. Consider that yourself. What piece of music tells your story? 

Day 1: 3,217 words
Day 2: 585 words
Day 3: 2,170 words
Day 4: 1,420 words
Day 5: 2,202 words
Day 6: 2,496 words
Day 7: 1,344 words
Week 1 ---------13,434 words

Day 8: 958 words
Day 9: 2,248 words
Day 10: 1,775 words
Day 11: 2,249 words
Day 12: 2,754 words
Day 13 2,830 words
Day 14: 1,700 words
Week 2-------- 14,514 words  (27,948 total.)

Day 15: 1,461 words
Day 16: 4,058 words
Day 17: 3,242 words
Day 18: 3,203 words
Day 19: 2,824 words
Day 20: 2,719 words
Day 21: 2,081 words

Week 3------ 19,588 words ( 47,536 total)
Day 22: 1,466 words
Day 23: 0 (book signing)
Day 24: 2,394 words
Day 25: 2,083 words
Day 26: Lazy
Day 27: 3,318 words
Day 28: 1,030 words
Week4-----    10,291 words ( 57,827 total)

Day 29 2,692 words
Day 30: 900 words
Day 31: 2,070 words
End  63,489 words
 (Book total at this point: 76,477 words)

Month 2
Day 1: 1,218 words
Day 2: 3,740 words
Day 3: 3,115 words
Day 4: 1,279 words
Day 5: 2,367 words
Day 6: 1,491 words
Day 7: 2,571 words
Week 1.2----- 15,781 words ( 93,789 book total.)

Day 8: 1,381 words
Day 9-15 Vacation: 0 words
Day 16: 2,651 words
Day 17: 2,146 words
Day 18: 1,805 words
Day 19: 2,193 words
Day 20: 1,384 words 
Week 3------- 11,560 words 

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