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Friday, March 29, 2013

Is 28 my lucky number?

Well, I got yet another rejection letter today for The Crystal Needle. Eventually I'll get the idea and stop trying. But, I am a stubborn person. Yet, with each rejection my confidence is chipped away just that much more. I want to believe my book is good, but I am having a hard time right now. I have averaged 1 sale a month since Christmas, and haven't had a new review since November I think. There is a little green eyed monster inside me that screams to get out each time I see one of my author friends talking about yet another great review, the dozens of sales this month, their book being in an actual store not just online. I curb that monster and lock him away. It isn't fair for me to be angry or jealous of others success, I should be happy for them and I am. I know what kind of work, time, and heart goes into the production of a book. I respect that they have achieved through their honest efforts.

As the title should indicate, I just sent out query number 28. I will not name the agency at this time, but if you are praying person, keep me in your prayers about this. Two years ago I gave myself till 30. Once I have been rejected 30 times, I will know that what I am pushing simply isn't good enough. Now, though, that I face 30 coming quickly upon me, I wonder if I will hold to that. Will I continue? Will I still have any confidence left? Or, will I face the inevitable and let it go? I guess only time will tell.

Now, so that this post isn't entirely a downer. Here are some totally unrelated drawings that I have done recently. Enjoy:

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