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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Colin Wayne

A few months back one of my friends and an avid reader of mine showed a pic of a handsome male model. I like to draw, as you should know by now, and I am always on the lookout for a good pose/model. I liked the picture she posted and went to his web page. His name is Colin Wayne, and he has a very nice face, particularly his eyes. The picture I originally saw I wanted to draw up as one of my lion people. It was just to keep my fingers from getting rusty and I thought, hey, if he likes it then all the better. So, I sat down for a couple evenings and created a pencil drawing of him as a lion.
The drawing.                                          

This is the picture of him.

As you should know, I hope, I already posted these pics before in one of my updates a few months back. When I sent him the final product he seemed pleased. I decided to like his facebook page, to get to know more about him. Colin is a cool guy who has, what I consider, a great life. He has a lovely wife, a cute little boy, and gets to go all over the place to be photographed. Not to mention all the drooling fans on his facebook page. (Note: I am not one of the drooling fans. He's good looking, just not quite the right gender.)

The hotel room shot.
After a while I started the process to publish my Bark books as ebooks. As such, they needed covers. Since I do not have that much money and the books are free, I decided to draw the cover myself. Easier said than done. I couldn't find that right pose or the right pictures to make it work. Hunting through the public-domain image sites provided me very little to work with. Then I saw a snapshot of Mr. Wayne on his Facebook page that wasn't even one of the normal session pictures. It was just a picture of him in his hotel room. I liked it, it fit the idea of the mood I needed for the cover. I contacted him and kindly asked if he wouldn't mind me using it and he said yes.

This was the body drawing.

Here is the cover image with detail.    

Final product
At first I was worried that the drawing did not capture the moment well enough. In the picture he is leaning a bit and that made the drawing look like the legs were too short. I almost gave up. Then I had an idea; why not use the scenery around him to help make it look right? So, I added the cave from the book and there you have it. The cover was just a little photo manipulation away from a cover. It isn't HarperCollins, but I think it's okay for a free ebook. Colin seemed pleased with the final product too, which was important to me.

The book is available on Kobo and Smashwords

This was the picture I used.
After a while, it happened again. I was just checking my Facebook newsfeed and he had posted yet another picture of himself that I thought would work perfectly for a picture in the book. I shot him another pm request and he said yes. This picture is going in a later book that has yet to be published about Bark and I have time, so I sat and worked on the image. I used his picture, and the one I drew of him for the cover as reference. Unlike the first image I drew of him, the Bark images had to be within the character, so some of his face would need to change to match the other images of Bark. And, not just the obvious features. His jawline is different, and his chin is different.

Here is the final product.
I like it, but I don't believe it is
my best work. I didn't quite capture
the eyes well enough.

I am glad to have met Mr. Wayne, at least in the cyber world. He is a nice guy and I will probably do some more drawings of him. Of course, I will always ask permission, as we should all be courteous about using images that do not belong to us.

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