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Monday, April 8, 2013


Recently I published a book that I made permanently free. If you have been following this blog, my facebook page, or know me personally, you should have caught onto that by now. If promotion is really terrible.

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The question that has come up over and over from my author/publisher friends is the obvious. Why make it free? Well, there are several reasons. The one that I have stated is the truth, but not the whole truth. This book, Bark:Origins of a Superhero, was written for the Clash: Rise of Heroes game. It is fan fiction, though the game itself had no real solid fiction yet, so the creators and other administrative people considered it game lore. But, the game is not mine, I do not own the rights to the background story. Thus, if I make money off the book without their permission, I would be infringing on some of their copywrites. For you who are not in the publishing world, copywrite infringement is a giant no-no. So, I made a deal with them, if I don't "sell" it, but give it away, could I publish it? They said yes.

Now, I said that isn't the whole truth. The truth is, I would have given this away regardless of if they said I needed to or not. If they had told me to go ahead and sell it, then I would still be giving it away. Why? Because I love to write and I love to entertain. I do like money, don't get me wrong, but I want to charge for my best work. This is a good story and a fun read, but it wasn't professionally edited, the cover is my own art drawn in a single night, and the formatting of the ebook probably isn't the best. It is also a rather short story for a "novel". Does all that detract from the story itself? I do not believe so. I did edit it, and let my mother take a stab at it. And I have worked on it over and over to try my best to make it as polished as I can get it. I spent time working through the frustration that is formatting. But, when it comes down to comparison against a real pro book, mine fades.

A never before seen drawing of Bark
Why am I slamming my own book? I am not. I am just explaining that the technical side that makes a book look its best was not applied as expensively to this book. I trust the story is good, and I trust that people will enjoy it. Otherwise I would have never published it in the first place.

That said; I also love giving it away. There is a thrill in me at letting people enjoy what I do. I gives me purpose, it gives me unending joy to provide a little entertainment to someone else. Especially someone I do not know. In most of my writing, I strive for the sheer enjoyment factor. I don't write to change the social
political air of a nation, or to alter someones walk with God. In the future, I might work on some Christian novels that could do that, but even then I will work to make them as entertaining as possible. I write because I want to give readers fuel. I write because I was born to write.

I do sell my books. I do want to make money. I do want this to become a profession some day...however far-fetched that notion may seem at this time. But, I feel that as an artist, sometimes it is okay to give a bit of my work away. Just for the fun of it.


  1. I appreciate everything you said. Yes, you are a true artist!!! That being said I think you deserve to get paid for your talents. I admire you and love your attitude and sheer passion for what you do!!!

  2. You Sir are a true artist. I love your work and love your passion that you have for what you do. I am honored to have some of your work. I will be putting them in frames and wanted to show them when we do a booth at writers conferences. I want to show your art and also show off Rebekkah's as well as MKSP, show them what people like you and others can do.
    Take care Dan and have a great weekend!