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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Art for Art's sake

I am an artist. No, I am not a hippy who stacks garbage and then labels it some obscure name to elicit profound thoughts. Never in my artistic life do I want to create art solely for the point of attempting to change the sociopolitical atmosphere of  a nation, to me that is a silly notion.  I just love to create things that just happen to be considered forms of art. Am I good at it? I am not privy to say. The definition of art is in the heart, mind and eye of the beholder.

What have I dabbled in? I have worked on stage as a dancer/singer/actor, I have been a student of embroidery for over 20 years, I draw a little and I like taking pictures. And last, but certainly not least, I write. I have written short stories, poems, and books. None of the above has been all that successful but I simply cannot stop myself, I love to create. Out of all that I do, I think that writing remains my favorite. I began to want to write books in the fourth grade and that particular side of me has been the strongest and loudest. So, I have attempted to make it a profession, though that hasn't proven entirely too successful yet.

My favorite hobby of art is split between stitching and drawing. Often I have absolutely no reason why, I just draw or stitch to do something to pass the time. I will be bored and simply grab a blank piece of paper and draw or if my stitching supplies are nearby I will picked up a scrap of mono-canvas and stitch. No purpose, just because I love to create. Often I will either give away what I do or eventually incorporate it into something else like a book.

Here are some examples of pointless art from yours truly:


  1. Some really great art! Thanks so much for posting this so we could all see! My favorite is the castle in the sky.