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Monday, May 20, 2013

More art

I am feeling a little down right now and don't want to sit here and write up a whiny drama filled post. So, instead I am just going to post some more of my art. I hope you enjoy it.

I'll start with something I drew at Church. On Wednesdays I took a class at church, but I was always half an hour early because I also worked the Food Pantry Wednesdays. So, while I waited I started to play with the dry erase markers and drew on the board. Everyone liked it so I kept adding more and more to it to see how long it would take before they erased it. Here is the progression. 

Week 1: Thought it was fun to draw, expected it to be erased by the next weeks class. (The room is used by other classes and groups during the week.)

Week 2: Okay, they did not erase so I decided to add to it for fun. 

Week 3: Now I find that they have drawn a line on the board showing that they won't erase, just use half the board. Now I am intrigued. I add the lion and keep watching. 

Week 4: Okay, now I am really curious as to how far I can take this before they give up. I add the arc. 

Week 4.5: This is the last night of classes and I have even more time so after drawing the arc I ask myself, "Well, do I leave them a little board space or use it all? Use it all of course" 

As of Week 5: Still there. 

Okay, done with that. Here are some other pieces I have drawn. They were mostly for fun, but I expect to use them in upcoming novels for the Bark story. 

< B&W pencil

Detailed & colored>

This is Colin Wayne's superhero, named Arx, which is Latin for stronghold. He will have a cameo in the next novel.

<Next we have Colin Wayne posing for Bolt, as I wanted a full figured drawing of Bolt and this worked perfectly. Not sure if I am going to add color or not. 

 Stopped by an overlook near my hometown and took a few pictures. East Tennessee is such a beautiful place to live. >

And last we have the project that I am working on through a correspondence class from the Embroiderers Guild of America. This is pulled thread work. Never done this before, not sure if I have the hang of it yet. I will show you the project as I progress alone.  

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