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Monday, May 27, 2013

My writing battery

Recently I had a fellow author friend on Facebook mention that she was finding it difficult to write. She was attempting to influence her mind with music and other various methods so that she could jump start the creative process. I can tell you this now, when it isn't time to write, don't write. If you do, you will find that your work is substandard and you will most likely erase most of it in the long run.

For me it works out that at times I have a lot to write and am eager to get to my computer every day. The ideas flow and I am constantly working on them. My friends recognize these times because I will fade off and look distant for a few moments. Usually I am considering a scene or story point that just popped into my head and am working it out. These are some of the best times when I am deep inside my story and the characters.

Then there are the in-between times. When I finish a novel and am at the editing and smoothing out stage, my brain is cooling off. The writers battery is drained. It bothers me at times. When I finished my first novel and couldn't seem to get myself up and running with the next right away I actually worried that I only had one good book in me. I fretted, which is a hobby of mine. But, after a while I found my battery was good to go and I started in again.

Now, during the down times, I still write. It is during these times that I write shorter stories and add a little
more to my unpublished work. The Bark stories were part of this recharging period. Nothing too deep, just fun and simple. I have mentioned before that I wrote some Star Trek novels that are unpublished. Well, that is another area where I can just fun-write. I have a huge backlog of short episodes in my own little Star Trek story line with my own characters and events, each one hardly long enough to be called a short story, but I don't really pour myself into them. I don't worry about the idea of them being published one day, or needing to be edited all that much, just write for writings sake. Just about the only use I get out of them is during long car rides I will read them aloud like a radio show.

It can take me as long as writing a full length novel to write a 100 page short story because I take it easy. During this time my battery gets recharged and I am ready to write again. That doesn't mean that I will pump out a new novel every year, sometimes I simply am not inspired and I keep plugging away at the shorts. But, I never stop writing, and I try to not worry about it. If I begin to worry, then this will become real work and I just don't know if I am ready for that.

Last note: When my battery is really low and I am not even wanting to write a short story, I let it go. I read,  draw, stitch more, watch movies, listen to music, do anything that is inspirational. I am not trying to inspire a book, just keep my creative nature nurtured and primed for when novel inspiration strikes.

p.s. if you ask nicely, I will tell you about my Star Trek story.

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