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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Check it out!!

A while back, okay several years ago, I met a fellow writer on Facebook. Wendy Siefken, who introduced me to other authors and to a Facebook page called Master Koda. I was, and am, relatively new to the authoring world and didn't know many people who were  going through what I have gone through. On Master Koda's Facebook page I learned I was not alone. I encountered many authors who choose the independent route for publication. Some did so because they wish to avoid traditional publishers for their own reasons. Some are like me, they simply cannot find a publisher who will accept them.....yet. Any way you look at it, we had many things in common and felt that helping one another was the best way to go.

Previous Bookcover 
Jump ahead and Master Koda decides to open up a publishing house all their own. They are a small operation with a BIG love of authors, books, and the industry. This has not made them cold to indies, if anything they now have new knowledge to share with those who wish to remain independent. They soon called for submissions. Let me tell you something, in the book writing industry, submissions are like ants to a jar of honey on a hot summer day, soon you have more than you can count. They accepted a few authors early, and one of them was....Wendy and Charles Siefken, Charles is her son. Wendy's book, Kai's Journey
had been a Kindle book for a while already, but Master Koda decided to refit it and bring it to an even better level.

Now much happened along the way with them, editing, rewriting, and a lot of internal book stuff. I was not privy to that, but I did see a lot of updates from Wendy and I noticed her looking around for an image to use for the book cover. I realized that they didn't have an unlimited budget and were hoping to get some pics off of the internet to use, by permission of the artist of course. That was proving to be more difficult than they realized. So, I jumped in and gave them a should know this by now, there was a long post about the cover art. If you haven't read it yet, check here.

Now, jump ahead another bit and it is finally time to release the new and improved book. On May 31, 2013 Master Koda Select Publishing released Kai's Journey: The New World Chronicles (The Kai and Clover Series.) 2nd edition.

I am very happy for them, and hope for great success. The book covers several popular genre's right now,
including Zombies and a hint of Fantasy. But, there is a level of pride involved with this release on my part. I am more than pleased to see my artwork being used as part of the bookcover. I knew it would be, but to actually see it was really rewarding. I hope it helps them be as successful as possible.

Now I am highly anxious to see the next book's bookcover that I helped with. But, if I have learned anything in dealing with the publishing industry, it's patience.

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