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Monday, June 17, 2013

Coming Soon!!

Coming this July, 2013: Bark returns in another exciting adventure. Our hero is now a full fledged student of the United League of Heroes. Aside from taking classes in heroism, physical conditioning, and law, he has met an ancient martial arts master who has taken him under her wing. His relationship with Frost is getting better every day, and Dr. Tobias Glyph has come up with a small device that provides a voice to our hero. Life is good. Unfortunately, trouble is brewing behind the scenes. Someone at the ULH is preparing a trap to sell out all the other heroes and students to the evil Marshal Dae. Bark is left with little help when he must find a way to save the ULH and the students before they are all hauled off and never seen again. Can he save the ULH? Who is behind all of this? Who would betray their fellow heroes?
                         Find out in Bark 2: Seven Days at the ULH

Hello all. I have started the plans for publishing book 2 in the Bark series. Again it is a short novella, not a full length novel. It will also be free, just like the first one. I hope to have it out by the end of July, when I will have a release event with contests and prizes and lots of fun. What I am planning is to hold a Daniel Peyton Author event to promote all of my work, but to highlight the Bark 2  book. I hope to get donations from other authors so we can have a lot of great prizes, but right now it is just in the planning stages.

Side note: Again, I have been asked very often about why my Bark books are free. There was a whole post about it right here. What bothered me recently was an author who got a little angry with me about it, saying that I was hurting other authors by offering my books for free. I don't know about that, this is a novella, it isn't a polished masterpiece. It is just a bit of harmless fun for all ages. Aside from the publicity it provides me, I also have an obligation to the company that owns the rights to the base storyline. I was only allowed to publish it if I did so for free, otherwise they would have issue with me making money off of their property. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but honestly I don't believe my three Bark books being free are going to ruin the market for anyone. In fact it might help by drawing more people to pick up and read ebooks and decide to venture into the ebook market more.

If you have not read the first Bark book, it is FREE! Check it out on Nook, Kobo, Sony, iTunes, and many other formats.

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