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Monday, July 8, 2013


I know that the majority of my readers here are authors, but for those who aren't, I want to make something clear. Authors are always on the warpath for reviews. The question is....why? Well, there are several answers. But, to me, the most important is encouragement.

Reviews may help sell a book, and they do boost ego, but they also encourage writers. They tell me that what I did actually entertained someone. And, it makes me want to write more.

Over a year ago I posted about some of my art and talked a little about my work. A person who had read the brief Bark biography I wrote for Clash left this comment.

His first comment "Very Cool" was about the art and blog post. But then he added that second part that was off the subject of the post but to the point of what he liked/wanted.

If you didn't know. In the Clash game they had a small "vault" of information about each card/character. Mini-bios along with art that is used on the card. I have always wanted to create a card for a game and thought I might give it a try. So, I drew a picture, the one that is to the right of this post -------------------------->
then I wrote a short story/bio of him. I never expected it to go anywhere. There was a slight, very very slight, chance that I would get the card made. End of story. Or so I thought. It wasn't too long after I posted this in their "suggestions" page of the Clash forum that Mr. David left the above comment. It not only intrigued me, it started my creative juices cooking.

Now, to my non-Author readers, when a writer's creative juices begin to simmer and bubble, there is no stopping it. You simply HAVE to write down the story. Even if you never intend on letting someone read it, it will come out of you one way or another. And, instead of sitting in a padded room mumbling about the voices in my head, I write them down and give them a home on paper. It's a heck of a lot safer and cheaper than meds.

From this one little comment, this one little line of encouragement, I wrote the first Bark story. That story is now a book available to read. It wasn't long after that that a second book was written, which will be published in the near future....I hope. And after that came a third book, this one three times as long as the first two. And last, but not final, came a Bark Christmas story. It was like I couldn't keep it inside me once I knew that at least one solitary soul in this universe wanted more.

 I hope you understand that a review has a powerful impact on the life and writing of an author. It isn't just stroking an ego, it is giving that person a reason to do what he or she loves to do. Thank you David, you have given me reason to craft a character that I now love and want to bring to life again and again.

 Last: You might be saying to yourself "But, that wasn't a review at all." Oh yes it was. It was the best kind of review. It was a reader who wanted to read more of the story. He went out of his way to say this to me. No, he didn't critique it, or go into detail, he didn't have to. All he needed to say was, "I want more"


  1. Awesome! I did not read this the first time around but I am glad you shared it again!!! I couldn't agree anymore with what you said. :-)

  2. Nice Post! As an author the feedback is what makes it worthwhile. The bigger the impact it has made on a reader, the bigger the rush to produce more.
    It can be an email, letter, tweet, or any other medium. Positive or Negative (as long as it's not a verbal attack).