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Monday, July 29, 2013

It's Almost Here!!

Guess what?! This Friday, August 2nd, is the official release day for Bark 2: Seven Days at the ULH. As I have mentioned before, it is free and will be made available on many formats. Unfortunately I cannot release it on Kindle as Amazon refuses to allow me to put free material on the Kindle.

As a celebration of the books release there will be an event Friday on Facebook. Since the book being released is free and more of a novella, I decided to make the event a general celebration of my books. I hope to reward my readers and possibly garner a few new ones. If you haven't joined up yet, I suggest you follow this link.
If you are going, then by all means invite your friends.

Now for some fun stuff. I would like to introduce you to a couple new characters in Bark 2.

Toshi Sensei: Toshi is an ancient Japanese teacher, or Sensei. She is a master martial artist that can even put fear into The General. A tome of wisdom, Toshi accepts very few students and only those invited by Toshi may train under her. From the first day she met Bark she knew he would be her newest student. Toshi adds an element of age and wisdom to the story, and she also adds a pseudo family for Bark as she fills in motherly/grandmotherly role. Toshi plays a significant role in this book and more in the next. Toshi was seen in the first book, by only in a small silent unnamed part. If you missed it, go back and read it again, I'll give you a hint: It was in the Mess hall.

Arx:  Arx is a superhero with an impenetrable body, Arx being Latin for Stronghold.  Colin was in the military serving just like everyone else. One day he threw himself on a bomb to save everyone and discovered that he survived, and without a scratch. A bodybuilder in his time off, Arx will only be spending a short time on the ULH spacestation. After the basic introduction lessons he will be sent off to the military extension of the ULH.  Arx is actually a cameo for a friend of mine. Colin Wayne is a professional model who has allowed me to use some of his photos to draw characters for my story. As a gift for him, I threw him in as a character in one scene.
Colin Wayne


  1. Beautiful work Dan. What's not to like about Arx????? A superhero to boot!!! He puts superman to shame!!!!

    1. Colin will like to hear that. I'll make sure he knows.