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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Naked Men!!!

Okay, I know that some of you are here looking for "That" kind of website, sorry this isn't a post like that. It isn't a blog like that either, you dirty dirty person. Some might have the noble intentions of informing me that my site has been hacked, sorry, still not the case.

What I want to tell you about today is one of my earliest inspirations for art. Back in 1989 National Geographic released the December issue. On the cover was a section of the famous Sistine Chapel and the majority of that particular issue was detailing the restoration of the ceiling. I was pretty young at that time and had never seen much like that, but something about it sparked an interest. I was far too young to worry about naked people, but I could see the amazing work displayed in the figures and paintings. I couldn't imagine recreating something like a person in paint with such precision. It set off a fascination in me of art, Michelangelo's specifically. Down the road I was with mom at the annual library booksale and found a hard bound book about Michelangelo. It was 50 cents and so I got it. Before I was in fifth grade I had actually read a great deal out of that book, learning the stories behind how and why he sculpted and painted many of his more famous works. I was very impressed looking at the sketches he did before he painted or sculpted. His mastery of the human form was nearly perfect. And, in a time long before cameras, it was even more impressive.

One statue stood out among the rest was Michelangelo's David. Probably the most notable and recognizable works of the Renaissance master. The stories behind it, the marble, his crafting, where it was located, all fascinated me. But, most of all, I was amazed that he so closely recreated the human form and at 17 feet too. For the uninformed, the statue is actually crafted to be viewed from beneath. Onward it isn't as proportionally accurate as it is from an lower angle. This was on purpose since Michelangelo knew that people would not be able to see it straight on.

This work inspired me to draw the human form. I wanted to at least achieve, in a tiny way, some art like my artistic hero. And considering my favorite piece of his is the statue David, you might understand now why I am much better at the male form than the female, I have practiced one a great deal more than the other.

That all said. Why I write this today is because I recently got something that a friend sent back to me that I have always  wanted. Years ago I was watching a movie and the characters were in Rome on vacation. In one scene I saw a vendor selling tiny replica statues of David. They aren't all that exact or accurate, but I didn't care I wanted one. Over the years I have looked for it, you cannot find many here in the states. And I couldn't seem to get a friend to remember to bring one back when they visited Italy. That is until a few days ago. I finally got my tiny statue of David and couldn't be happier. I don't decorate with images of naked men, and unless I get more of this particular one, this will likely be the last, but it will stand in my inspiration room among the other unique artifacts as a testament to one of my earliest inspirations.

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