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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nothing like a classic

Well, it's monday again and that means another blog post. The more I post the fewer secrets I have. Sigh

This week I want to tell you about one of my favorite forms of entertainment. Classic television. Yes, the golden oldies of the small screen. Back when I was young Nick@Nite was just starting out and began showing these old programs. They were clean and funny so mom and dad didn't mind me watching them. I was enchanted from the start. I watched everything from the Dick Van Dyke show to Bewitched. I became particularly fond of I Love Lucy and made sure to watch on the nights it was on.

Today it is no different, save perhaps the fact that now I either watch them on Netflix or DVD. Yes, I still laugh at Lucy's antics, Jeanies blinks, and Buddy's jokes. I can quote almost the whole Dick Van Dyke series line for line. It is kind of sad, but I am not what you would call.......normal.

There is a reason behind why I watch the classics still, and probably will for as long as I can. They are clean humor. Yes slapstick and full of puns. But there is a charm to the classics. It wasn't cliche when Lucy did it, she was the first. In fact a lot of the older television programs didn't have anything to base their humor off of, they came up with it. It is todays programs that steal the jokes and dirty them up for the modern audience. I know that you can read a lot into the shows and I also know that reality of that time did not entirely reflect the sitcoms, but I really don't think that has ever been true. To me they are fantasy.

Also, to me, they are relaxing. Before I go to bed each night I watch a few hours of old television programs while stitching or doing something equally calming. And, back in a time when I was facing a serious mental and emotional crisis, it was this classic television that I could watch and it would take my mind away from my problems and settle my nerves down. So, in a way, it has even been therapeutic for me.

As a homage to the classics, I include a joke in each book I write that comes out of one of the old shows. Usually a one liner that fits a scene well enough to meld right in.

One of my many pipe dreams is to meet a few of the living actors from that age. Barbara Eden, Mary Tyler Moore, Ed Asner, Rose Marie and many others that are still kicking. So many have passed and the others aren't getting any younger. But, alas, I was born a few decades too late.

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  1. I love those shows, too, Dan. I saw them the first time around, and I still enjoy them. Thanks for sharing!