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Monday, August 5, 2013

Something Simple

After a busy and successful week last week I decided to have a simple art post again. Here are some of my recent works.

This is a body builder named Jaco De Bruyn.
I was bored and drew the planets and bubbles
I went into my new photo editing program to 
put the space background in. Came out better
than I thought it would.

I drew this Bark for the event. 

I stitched these and then had them framed a while back. 
I knew I wanted them to be prizes for an event. I think they
turned out really good.
This is more of a photo edit that my art. I created that
ship in the foreground by splicing a broken models parts 
together. I edited into a shot from movie #3 and enhanced it.
Another edit. I used this old drawing and
some editing to create a July FB avatar.
I needed a sad image for Bark in book 3. 
I had the hardest time drawing one, took me several tries and 
three different images before I finally settled on one I liked.

  This is from the first scene in Bark 2.
My first attempt at a sports shot. 




  1. love your artwork Dan and love the new ones too! you are such a great artist and author! I am very proud to know you and get to call you friend. :-)