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Monday, September 2, 2013

Just a bit of fun

Happy Labor Day everyone. I decided to just have a little fun today and do another art post. I have worked a lot recently with drawing and would like to show you the results. Most of the drawings here were commissioned by my friend Wendy Siefken  for a book she is currently working on with her son. They wanted alien characters to add to a book and I helped provide the look to match the description. I also have an image here that I drew and edited to be submitted for a short story magazine, I also wrote the short story. That all said, enjoy!

This was the first character
she asked me to draw.
I added color according to her

Then I added color based on my own
She asked for a winged character
and gave me free license to play.
I am not too terribly fond of this one.
I came up with a different winged
character I thought looked
She then offered to add
one of my own creations
to the list of aliens. 

This is the cover for the short story.
And now for something completely different.
This was a little play piece I stitched.
It has cross stitch and Swedish Weaving. 


  1. great images!
    do you draw other types of characters also?

    1. Yup. Click the label ART and it will give you a list of my posts showing my artwork.

  2. You are wildly talented. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Dan is very talented! if you give him a description of what you are thinking of for a character he can draw it! I love how his drawings come to life! very nice work Dan!