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Monday, September 9, 2013

Rock'n Round Robin


              Hello all. I would like to tell you about a round robin embroidery project my Embroiderers Guild of America interest group just finished.
                At the beginning of 2013 the interest group I am part of was considering projects to work on for the year. We had already started working on stitching ornaments for the Fantasy of Trees tree the group sponsors each year. At the same time we were working on plans to begin a correspondence project to learn more about pulled thread, or in my case learn it for the first time. On top of that we decided to learn new stitches each meeting. And as If that wasn't enough, we agreed to do a round robin sampler.
               You might be saying to yourself, 'what is a round robin sampler?' I am so glad you asked. Let me (Hint, you cannot just pass to the right each time unless everyone is still sitting in the same seat. The bag must make it around the room to every other participant before it gets back to its original owner. That's what the number is for, to help keep track.) After everyone has had an opportunity to work on each bag, the final pass should be back to the bags owner. explain. A round robin sampler starts with each member selecting a length of fabric that they want for their sampler. Put that fabric in a bag. Next you may put in threads you want used on your fabric. If you don't want specific threads you might write out a color scheme that you desire and put that in the bag. Close the bag and number it. Here comes the fun part. Each person who is taking part in this event passes his/her bag to the right. You take home the bag you just got and stitch something on it, taking into account the color scheme, threads, or any other notes left by the bags owner. At the next meeting you bring back the bag you got, closed and ready for its next stitcher. Again you pass all the bags to the person you passed to at the last meeting.
              Ann, our group leader, has been suggesting this for quite some time. It has been done before but that was a while back and many of our members were not part of the group back then. So, for the majority
of the players in this game, it was a new and fun exercise.
             It is a lot of fun seeing what you can do and what others do. The final products were all unique and beautiful. I made mine especially difficult by adding a requirement that no one was to stitch 'girly' things on mine. Some people were okay with that while others struggled. I pushed them out of their box and that is a good thing.
              I must confess, this made me a nervous wreck. I almost did not sign up, but I am so very glad I did. Why was I so nervous? I am not as skilled a stitcher as the rest of this group. I did not want to make a blunder so bad it would ruin someone elses piece. Yet, for all my worries, I came through all right and they were glad for what little I did.

            Now that it is finished I am glad I participated. I am thrilled to see the amazing work everyone put into mine and each others. I am more than
humbled by seeing the skill and workmanship among the stitchers in my little group. Would I do this again? Probably. Will I be as nervous the second time around?.....probably. But, with each new stitch my courage grows and my fears recede that much more.

 If you didn't figure it out already. The pictures in this post are the completed samplers for the group. With only one exception, there is one that didn't make it to the group for the picture session.

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