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Monday, October 14, 2013

Winning Shorts

              So, I have actually accomplished something I never thought I would. I wrote some short stories! WooHoo! Okay, for those who don't already know me well enough, I have a hard time keeping my stories short. I have tried several times and usually end up with something that is nowhere near the word limit. The last I tried, I ended up with a 450 page fantasy novel that I am now send out to beta readers.
               I really thought I wasn't cut out for the short story scene. Then I did it. The only reason I can explain why it worked this time was that I wasn't thinking of writing a short story, it just happened. A friend, who also happens to own a publishing house, put the facebook joke on her page asking people to say how they met her, but lie. I decided to go all out and wrote a little short two page sci-fi story about us meeting. It was funny and I left it at that. Down the road a few weeks I hear that there is a magazine looking for some short stories that are different. So, I pulled out that little fun piece and actually had to add to it so it would be a complete story, but I was able to keep it within the word limit. Voila' I had a short story. I submitted and it was accepted. The story is called The Master Terra Stone. It was featured in the September issue of the emagazine Imagine This
                With that limited success and another announcement of a short story contest I set a goal of sitting down and writing a short story. It was difficult and took a bit of work to manage, but I did it. I wrote what could be the beginning of a series of stories. It is simple and fun, it is called Fang and the Dragon.
This short will be in the first issue of All Authors magazine, an epublication that will feature any and all genre's. I am excited to see it release in November. Check it out and join the Facebook group dedicated to celebrating the magazines release.

Now that I am beginning to get the feel for how to write a short story, I am going to venture out and write a few more. Perhaps build a back log in the case of a contest or event that I might enter one into. I already have a great idea for another short story. I was inspired by a model I found on Facebook that had a very interesting tattoo. I drew the picture and now it is only matter of writing the story.

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