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Sunday, November 3, 2013

To be an inspiration

Hello everyone, I know it has been a couple weeks since I last posted and I apologize for that. Life has just been one thing after another.

Donna Standish
Today I want to tell you about someone who inspired me. Being an author who seems to go unnoticed by the vast majority of readers is hard on the heart. So when I come across an enthusiastic and cheerful reader of my work I am overjoyed. Slightly over one year ago I did just that. A woman by the name of Donna Standish contacted me on Facebook and told me that she loved my work. I didn't know her but I was happy to hear from a reader. After that we struck up many conversations, some about writing others about anything else. She liked to talk and that is fine by me.

Often when I needed a little encouragement she would find a way to encourage me. When I posted about my books, she would share and ask her friends to check them out. That is the best kind of publicity. She also introduced me to a few others, such as her daughter and a few fitness models. Donna had a thing for beefcake, which was one of the reasons she liked looking at some of my art for my books. Through her I discovered Colin Wayne and Steffen Hughes, two fitness models that let me use some of their pictures to draw characters from.

Donna simply had a way of making you feel like family, even over the internet. So, as a gift I decided to craft a character in her honor. In my current WIP I have a character named Donna, no last name. My Donna is a bit of a cariacture of the real person. I would like to introduce you to Donna of Stillwater.

Donna is a wizard apothecary who meets the heroes when they find their way into the town of Stillwater in Gallenor. Helpful, funny, honorable, and kind to all, Donna is a respected member of the community. The best description I give of her is that she is tragically single. She always has an eye out for a handsome man to flirt with, and boy is she the flirt. As soon as she lays eyes on Treb, one of the heroes and a burly bare chested man, her flirting is set to overdrive. Donna isn't a main character but her role in the book is important and helps guide the characters on their journey. At one point she nearly sacrifices her own life to save the others so that they can escape the clutches of the evil villain. Last, and certainly not least, Donna tends to have the more comical scenes, breaking up the seriousness of the story. In fact one of the best scenes in the book for humor involves her and Treb.

Why am I telling you all about this wonderful person I met and honored with a character in a book? Donna Standish suffered a heart attack early November 2nd and passed away shortly thereafter. I found out about it just before I taught my Sunday school class in church. It was all I could do to keep on the topic and not tear up. I will sorely miss Donna and pray that her family understands the impact this one person had on my life.

The moral of this blogpost: Donna was an inspiration by her attitude and her actions. She didn't request to be a character, in fact I wrote the whole book long before I informed her of her part in the story. I simply felt that she deserved it for being such an encouraging, happy, friendly person. If you want to inspire authors world wide, be a Donna for them, trust me they need every one they can get.

Rest in peace Donna Standish, I look forward to the day that I finally get to meet you in the hereafter where we will discuss literature with our Lord and Savior.

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