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Monday, November 18, 2013

Update: Art

Hey everyone. The handful of you that read my last blog post are aware that I am part of National Novel Writing Month. If you weren't part of that group, well you know now. As such, I am going to update you on my word count numbers. But instead of just posting a list or boring numbers I am going to also throw in some of my art that you may have not seen yet. Yes, this is all drawn by me. Enjoy!

My NaNoWriMo totals thus far:
Day1: 2012 words
Day2: -295 words (Did a little rewrite of a scene that was screwing up the story.)
Day3: 2575 words
Day4: 1906 words
Day5: 1465 words
Day6: 2789 words
Day7: 2201 words
Day8: 3029 words
Day9: 1234 words
Day10: 0 words (Chruch trip)
Day11: 0 words (Church trip)
Total: 16916 words
Day12: 1306 words
Day13: 1981 words
Day14: 1406 words
Day15: 2099 words
Day16: 1044 words
Day17: 1796 words

Total: 9632 words
Total for NaNo: 26548 words
Total for the book: 56062 words

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