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Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Gift

Merry Christmas. Yes, it is just around the corner. Okay, it is two days away so it is sitting in your lap. As a Christmas gift to all my friends and readers I have marked both the Kindle and Nook versions of The Crystal Needle down to $1.99. If you already have it, then send it out as a gift coupon to that person who would like to read a fantasy novel. At a $1.99 it is cheaper to give than most candy, and it will last a whole lot longer.

Add to that, if you want, The Crystal Needle: A Christmas to Remember is regularly 0.99. So, bundle them together and you are still spending only $3.00 on two great ebooks to give to your friends.

This is an especially great gift idea if you are giving someone an ereader for the holidays, give them some books to go with it.

Lastly, my Bark books are all still FREE and available for download today, another gift to you from me.

Happy Holidays
Dan Peyton

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