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Monday, December 9, 2013

Final Update + Review: DONE!!!

Hello one and all. I am a happy writer today. I finished the last page of the full length sequel to The Crystal Needle last night. I like to say it is tentatively finished, not just  finished. First, it still needs a lot of edits before I am ready to show it to anyone. Second, I am never sure if the book is good enough for a sequel and I will allow my secondary reader help determine that. Personally, I feel that the book is good and I am pretty sure it will be put out.

What's the story about? Thanks for asking. You know that map that Elsabethe talked about in the other two books? Well, that's it. This map is a very powerful magical creation that Elsabethe and Adel created a long time ago. It was meant for great good, but it had the power to also create terrible calamity. A man with a lot of greed in his heart got his hands on the map and then happens to also steal the golden scissors. With those two items he is able to wreak havoc on the whole country. Allison and Joe must set out to stop him and retrieve what he has stolen. That is about as much as I am going to give away right now.

This book was my NaNoWriMo book for this year. I finished adding 50 k words to the book by the end of the month of November, but the story wasn't done. So, I simply continued as though it was NaNo time even into the month of December. That helped me greatly to stay on track and finish the book. My brain is tired, my writing muscles are tired, but I am happy I did it. I would like to thank everyone who continued to encourage me each day.

To make this sweeter today, I woke up this morning with a new review up for The Crystal Needle. It was done by Book Angles website and it was a very positive review. Nothing can help make an author feel better than a good review.

Check it out:

Wishing you a hearty Merry Christmas and ask that you wish me Happy Editing! 

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