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Monday, January 27, 2014

How I lost it

Hello one and all. I wanted to talk a little about some success I have been having. No, not with my writing, though I am making sales this month as well as getting reviews. I set a goal for myself ten months ago and am happy to report that it is going quite well.

You see, ten months ago I decided to lose weight. I did not set a goal number I just decided to lose weight and see where it took me. The inspiration came in many layers. One: The youth pastor at my church had a stroke and was told that he was very very close to death, he needed to lose weight. That started opening my eyes. Two: I had my big dance show coming up in October last year and wanted to lose weight before I showed up. Three: This is the biggest one. My mother is diabetic. Most of the women on my mothers side of the family are diabetic. I'm not a woman, but I did note something. Most of the men, and the one woman who is not diabetic, were all thin. Those with it, overweight. I saw a trend. I have also watched my mother struggle to keep her diabetes in check for most of my life. It is a terrible struggle with little hope for an end. I simply lived in fear of developing that struggle in my life.

So, with all those factors I set my mind on losing weight. Now, you might be asking yourself, "Why now? Why didn't he do this a long time ago?" The truth is I have tried here and there to lose weight. But, it just never stuck. This time I tried a whole new diet plan that worked incredibly well. This guy discovered the one trick to losing weight.....oh sheesh now I am sounding like one of those stupid ads.

Before I tell you that trick I want to tell you about my experience with people. Since I started losing weight I had people notice. Some would give me "that" look, you know the one that says, "He's lost weight....oh I had better not say anything or I'd be retroactively calling him fat." Some would outright say, "Hey you lost weight! Good for you." Those were always cool, I don't mind people saying something about it. But, the ones that made me laugh more than anything were the last group. These were the people who needed to lose weight as well, they would give me "That" look as well as say "Wow you've lost weight." THEN they would add on, "How did you do it?" The tone of their voice and look in their eyes said it all, they wanted me to tell them about that one magic weight loss trick, or that plan that makes you eat only asparagus for one meal a day, or something equally ludicrous. I would always shoot back, "I followed the best diet plan out there, eat less, exercise  more." Then they would sort of smile and then grumble about that being too hard.

Is it hard? HECK YES! After ten months is it any easier or do I now love the daily routine? NO! But....Do I love the fact that I am now 60+ pounds lighter and still losing? YES YES YES! That inspires me more than anything else.

Colin Wayne
How I did it was with some advice from a basic nutritionist my mother started going to. She gave mom some advice about eating right and I took it to heart. I have a friend on Facebook, Colin Wayne, who is a fitness expert and all around good guy. He was always posting motivational stuff on his wall about working out, most of it was just for bodybuilding, but some was about maintaining that body. I got a few bits of advice from him about this. The most important fact I learned from both sides was this, 80 percent of weight loss is in the kitchen. You simply cannot exercise the weight off while you still eat way too many calories. I also did something for myself without the advice of anyone else, I swore of deep fried food and donuts. Not because of some weird belief in certain fats or chemicals abundant in them, I would still eat them if I could. Nope, I just know my hang ups. Know what foods out there trigger my bad habits of eating wrong, so I avoid them. It also sets a boundary line in my mind and heart so I am always mentally aware of my weight loss. I hope that makes sense because I don't have the hours of time to type up the whole reasoning behind that. You got it?.......good.

After all this, you might be saying, "Okay, which was his so called 'one' trick?" The answer, none of the above. That's right. None of this would've worked without this one last trick. I prayed. Yes, I am a Christian. I am a Sunday school teaching, Bible believing, Jesus loving, Southern Baptist Church going Christian. I turned this all over to God and asked him to help me. I had prayed for the miracle weight loss for most of my life and it never happened. I had started on my own a few times and got absolutely no results. But, this time I knew that if I listened to Him, allowed Him to hold me up with His strength, and recognize when He was telling me when it was time to focus harder for I was about to face a temptation, that I would overcome those temptations and move forward. Did I stumble at some points? Yes. Am I perfect? No. Has Jesus had to help prop me back up and get me back on the right path again a time or two? Yes. Throughout it all he has not left me and I can exclaim that it has worked. In time, when I get some made, I may actually show you pics of me, but that will have to wait.

Lastly, about that 80 percent in the kitchen. Early on God inspired me to develop a recipe for veggie soup that is both healthy and very  very tasty. I eat it all the time and love every bowl of it. I call it my liquid salad, but it is hardly more than a basic vegetable soup. The cool part, it is vegetarian so some of my friends who don't eat meat can have this when they come over. I will share the recipe with you, and if you like it too, then share it with your friends.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Congrats to you Dan and thanks for sharing. I have been a personal trainer for many years and that is one thing I have always told my clients. Stay away from fried foods! I would tell them that they could live their entire lives without eating them and they would be so much better off.

    I am glad to hear about your inspiration. That is a beautiful thing. Also, it takes other nice people to help and it sounds like Colin has inspired you too. That is awesome! :-)