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Monday, January 6, 2014

My Marley and Me

          Happy New Year one and all. This year has started out colder and much more snowy than the past few. At least for some of us. After reading your facebook pages I am glad that I live in a place where getting over two inches is considered cataclysmic, we don't measure our snow in feet.
I have had the hardest time coming up with a blog post for this monday. So, I would like to talk about a dog. No, not Bark...sorry Bark...but a real dog.
            For reasons that go beyond my comprehension my father has been dedicated to the notion of adding a dog into our family. I love dogs, I grew up with them, I am not just sure if I am ready for another dog in the family. Oh well, it's his choice. So my dad went on Craigslist and found a Dachshund named Marley. Once we got him home I discovered something odd, after years of living with dogs, and then years living away from dogs, I have developed an allergy to a certain type of dog. This is no joke. I have a serious eye watering, explosive sneezing, coughing till it hurts allergy.
Marley aka Carson
           My father did his best to remedy the situation without having to get rid of the dog, but eventually we
did pass him onto a very loving home with dogs already. (The dog, not my dad.) Marley, now named Carson, is as content as possible. We did discover a few things along the way. First, don't go to Craigslist for dogs, that is a big dog world no-no. The people who owned this dog lied to us about him. Second, be sure that you can handle the dog before you pick him up to bring him home. We had about five minutes of meeting time before the dog was on his way to our home. We should've taken longer.
All that aside, the short period of time that Marley stayed with us provided a few moments of hilarity. Marley was what you might call incorrigible. When he wanted something, he either got it, snuck it, or whined until he got it.
           On afternoon I was home alone with the little guy. We were both upstairs and I had writing to do. I didn't want him going down stairs just yet and so I thought I would outsmart him. I put a plastic laundry basket at the top of the stairs, face down, to block him from going down. After feeling victorious in my clever plan, I went back into my writing room and sat down to work. Not two minutes later I heard this terrible tumbling sound outside and a dog yelping for all his might. I got to the door just in time to realize that that little dog had pushed the basket aside to get down, dislodged it and then was chased down the stairs by the basket. It didn't actually land on him or hurt him, but he pee'd across the floor all the same. In fact by the time he hit the bottom of the stairs he was running so hard to evade the monster that he left a crescent shaped spray of doggy pee across the wood floor. I was trying to be sympathetic and not laugh hard while I looked for the poor, frightened little guy, but I couldn't help it.
           Another occasion came when Marley discovered something he didn't like. Marley loves to sit on people, he is a constant lap dog. In fact he is an insistent lap dog, he will not take NO for an answer and finds any way possible to get into the lap of his target. He really liked sitting on my dad. Now, Dad had given Marley a bath already in his own efforts to reduce the allergens, so Marley knew where the bath was and
what it was. But that did not stop him from following my dad into the bathroom and then find him while he was in the tub. Dad saw the little dog head looking for him and so he held out his arm to show who was in the tub thinking that Marley would simply leave after that discovery. This simply wasn't the case. Marley was so eager to get back into his favorite lap that he climbed up the extended arm and made his way into the tub. Once inside dad realized he might as well give Marley another bath since the dog was already wet and soapy now. When mom discovered this scene Marley was giving her a look that said, “This is not what I was expecting.” The next night Marley did the same thing in looking for dad, but he did NOT enter the tub and only waited for Dad to finish.
          Yes, he was a character to have around. But, we simply couldn't keep him. So, just before Christmas this year a wonderful lady from our church that loves dachshunds took him in and he is as content as he could ever be in his new home.
            And that was my time with Marley, short but memorable.

            A little note: Oddly enough we have discovered that this allergy is only around dachshunds. Other dogs, so far, haven't had the same impact on my allergies.  

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  1. Allergies are a big pain aren't they? Soulful eyes on Marley :)