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Monday, March 3, 2014

Book Covers

The first cover for TCN
Hey everyone. I wanted to talk a little about book covers.

If you have been watching my facebook page, blog, or even just the book itself, you'll have noticed that I have gone through several covers. I have finally settled upon the one I like the best and believe I'll stick to it for a long time. (That is assuming a big time publisher doesn't snatch up the book and put an awesome new cover on it at their own expense.)

Cover #2 for TCN
Why have I fiddled around with book covers for so long? Well the truth is that all authors worry about the cover. I know that we are all told that we should not judge a book by its cover. That is a good metaphor, but it really doesn't work when you scrutinize its root meanings. We all judge books by their cover. The  cover can excite us to pick up the book and turn it over to see what all that cool stuff is about. It can intrigue the imagination, it can inspire an emotional response that draws you to immediately sympathize with a character. It might even show you a world you had never imagined and want to step into just by the art alone. The cover is an amazing tool.

Cover #3 for TCN
Now, having said all of that you might understand better why we authors are so finicky about the covers we use. Knowing how important they are, getting it right is not easy. What do I want the cover to say? Who do I want it to say it to the loudest? Does it look good? Does it match the story? Is it perfect?

Of course it will never be perfect, at least in the opinion of the author, but it can be as darned close as possible.

What is hard is that covers are expensive. Well.... ones done by pros can be expensive. Often indies have been made fun of for their covers. Ridicule seems to be the way of life for an indie author. And the  cover is a clear target. Yes, I have seen some really really terrible indie bookcovers, but as an indie myself I understand their plight. They simply don't have the hundreds of dollars to shell out for a cover. This is why I started using some public domain images, my photographs, and an editing program to create covers. I give them away for free. They are far from a real pro, but they aren't bad to look at either.

If you are an author, or know one, who needs a cover: Feel free to check these out HERE

For myself. I have created a cover for my newest book which is still in editing. Unlike my free covers, this one contains only artwork of yours truly. Please let me know what you think of it.

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