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Monday, March 10, 2014

Character Development in Living color.

Welcome to Monday, it's time for another blog post by yours truly. This week I am being totally lazy and decided to just post some of my more recent art. Most of the works I am going to be posting today have been done in preparation of creating a book cover for my upcoming novel Legacy of the Dragonwand. Please comment and let me know what you think and share this with your friends.

 This was supposed to be the main character of Markus from the story. After working and working on it I realized that I had accidentally drawn another version of Kai. Having realized this I started from scratch with a new model and drawing.
Note: There is a bit of a story behind this drawing. I was out shopping one day and happened into a store where I saw this guy that was perfect for a character. I stopped him and asked if he wouldn't mind if I get a picture of him. I am sure he was weirded out by the request, but he agreed and I snapped a shot of him. The character I was thinking of never came to be so I just held onto the picture and ultimately used it here.

This is the second attempt at Markus. When I decided to re-do the drawing I also noted that my first Markus looked too old. The Markus in my story is only 16. So, I searched for a model that would look the part. I didn't quite find him, but with a little work on my part I turned the drawing into the character I wanted.

You might note that in the colored version the book he is holding isn't colored. When I do the actual splicing of the pictures together to make the cover, I am going to edit in a much nicer book. One that looks like the story. I couldn't give it the right detail in the size I was working with.

To the Left: This is Crystal, the romantic interest of Markus and the second main character of Dragonwand. She will be colored soon enough.

To the Right: You will remember this picture from some time back. It was the first drawing I did for Dragonwand. He is Treb, the adopted father of Crystal and one of the party that helps the main characters succeed. He is also extremely overprotective of Crystal, which creates some good comedy between him and Markus.

Lastly, just for fun. This is Bark. In an alternate universe the ULH has been disbanded and all heroes are put out of work. Frost, Barks wife, goes back to the life of celebrity and co-hosts a national talk show. Bark, unable to find work as a half human dog man, spends his time body building. Frost has no complaints.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. Dan.

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