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Monday, April 28, 2014

Bark 3 is almost here

Very soon I will release the last of the Bark stories I have written. This is the longest and most involved story of Bark I wrote.

 A villain has begun to threaten the city of Knoxville and nearly destroys Bark, Bolt, and Frost in their first encounter. Though they send the enemy packing after the battle, the lasting effects on Bark begin to show. His mutations manifest themselves again and he fears becoming the kind of mindless beast he saw in the others mutated like him. Bark struggles against his own paranoia while attempting to move forward in his relationship with Frost. To make matters worse, the enemy is far from gone.

The enemy returns and this time is more malevolent. It begins to destroy the city piece by piece, seemingly unstoppable by the heroes of the ULH. Bark, believing his hopes are gone and his future is grim, decides his only hope of salvation is through noble sacrifice. Facing the nearly indestructible enemy toe to toe, Bark risks everything to take down the villain that stole what little humanity he had left.

Will Bark marry the love of his life?

   Or will he succumb to utter madness?

Read the exciting story of Bark: Descent into Madness, coming out May/June 2014.

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