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Monday, April 14, 2014

Drawing Bark

Happy Monday all...yes I know that is an oxymoron for most but I'm gonna say it anyways. This week I wanted to show you the progression of a picture I drew. I like to demonstrate how a picture takes form and to show that most of what I do is merely shadowing inside the lines.

About the picture: This drawing features Bark and Frost for the fourth Bark book. I picked this one with a little more care than usual, so to follow the story better. First, it is a romantic scene as the love between these two is a paramount issue for book four. Second, you will notice that Bark is a bit more muscular than usual. That fits the story since he is working on his physique and the mutation process has reactivated and is causing him to grow a bit bigger.

About the book: Yes, Bark 4 is coming soon to an ereader near you. I will have more of an announcement at a later time.

 Okay, how did I get from the real models to the drawing? Check out the slide show movie below.

Please note: I took the progression pictures with my phone so they aren't as good as the scanned images.

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