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Monday, May 19, 2014

Book release and some Art

Bark 3: Descent into Madness is now fully published and available on many different platforms. Grab your copy today, it is FREE.

Click HERE for the Nook version

Click HERE for the iBook version

Click HERE for the Smashwords direct link

Please, if you read it and enjoy it feel free to leave a comment/review on the site where you downloaded it.

Now, just for the sake of fun, here is some art that I have drawn recently. Enjoy!
(Note: This art is not related to the Bark 3 book.)

<: This was drawn using a free drawing app on my phone, just for the experience.

< A friend contacted me about designing a cover for her book. I have designed her other two covers and drawn the characters, so it wasn't a stretch to do it a third time. This fellow was a new character to add to the mix and I had a it of a hard time getting his face right, but I think he came out okay.

I am an old time trekkie. I love the starships. I can't draw them, but would love to. So, I periodically try my hand at drawing a ship. This was my recent attempt drawing the Constellation class starship. As you can tell, I have a long way to go. 

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