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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Yarn about Goats

My mother and several friends are participating in a local event that is very interesting. The yarn shops around East Tennessee have gotten together and created an event called the Yarn Crawl. In this event you have one month to travel to each store on the crawl and get a stamp on your "passport" from that shop. If you fill your passport with all the shops stamps you are entered into a drawing for a basket of stuff that is, I believe, worth more than 500 dollars (us). Also, at each stop there is a free gift from that shop.

Due to this crawl we have encountered new people and shops we probably would've never found. For me, they are interesting but not exactly my cup of tea. I'm a stitcher, not a crochet or knitter.

However, there was one that caught my attention over the others, It is called Mountain Hollow Farm, in Tazewell Tennessee. The shop is situated in some antique buildings off the beaten path. Surrounding it is a farm, in fact it is a farm belonging to the shop owner. What would you have on a farm around a yarn shop? Goats of course. Well, goats, ducks, peahens, llamas, cats, dogs, and a Shetland pony. If you want to get to know the origins of that lovely cashmere wool you just purchased, go out and say hi.

Here's a photo journal of my little trip:

Heading over Cherokee lake, up through Indian Gap, we headed for Tazewell. The lilies are in bloom all over the place.

 I was immediately greeted by the welcoming party of Leo the cat, as well as two enormous happy dogs who watch over the distant pasture of animals.

I said hi to the mommy goats as they ate their breakfast. They are used to guests, especially since the shop hosts classes of kids to learn about farming, animals, and yarn making.

Said hi to the Daddy goats, who were sequestered away from the mommy goats. The moms weren't as photogenic as the dads. In fact several of the males came up and stared until I took the picture.

Of course what do you get when you have mom and dad goats on the same farm? Baby goats. romping, eating, and playing.

I also met the peahens, the horses, and the llamas.

 This was my morning. Meeting animals, feeling very soft wool, and getting pictures. They enjoyed the experience and so did I. I was impressed by the shop and the animals. The owner was nice and very informative. If you ever get the opportunity to make your way out to Tazewell, Tennessee, I suggest taking the time to stop and say hi to the myriad of animals that provide soft wool and warm humor.

Check out their website here:

Oh, and I also met a very mouthy duck, who wouldn't shut up.

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  1. looks like a very nice place to visit! Love the pictures and the humor that goes along with them. Looks like you had a nice time Dan~